Buying Glasses for Grandpa

by Bubby/Auntie Bessie

Listening to a commerical for LensCrafter Opticians reminded me of the time I went with my grandfather to buy a pair of glasses for him.   Grandpa was not a patient man and the grandchildren made too much noise.   I suspect he had migraine headaches most of the time we visited.   So taking me with him was unusual and perhaps that is why I remember the incident.

The store we went to was Woolworth's, situated at the corner of Ste. Catherine Street and St. Lawrence Boulevard.   Two flat cases lined with red velvet were placed on the counter.   Divisions held pairs of glasses with thin gold frames.   I found it a very pretty display.   Grandpa proceeded to try one pair after another, until he found a suitable pair.   As he didn't ordinarily wear glasses I guess these must have been reading glasses.   He paid for them and then we went home.

My grandmother also wore reading glasses.   She pushed them up high on her forehead when not in use - and many times forgot they were there and looked frantically all over for them.

Painting by Bessie Sager
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