Sanguinet Street & Greene Avenue

by Bubby/Auntie Bessie

After Guilbault Street we moved to Greene Avenue.   It was between Ste. Catherine and Western Avenue.   However, before that move we lived on Sanguinet Street for a short time.

My father worked for a Mr. Thomas Morgan who lived on Wood Avenue and he decided that he should move to be closer to Mr. Morgan.   He had properties on Sanguinet Street that my father looked after - renting - collecting rent - also maintenance.

We moved temporarily to a flat on Sanguinet Street and went to Dufferin School.   Children take things in their stride - we were very happy, but my poor mother had a lot of crying spells.   There was no bathtub and with five active kids in the house it must have been very hard.   But then a bath was put in - in the living room.

I remember going to a church basement with a bunch of children on Saturday afternoon.   We saw slides of the Holy Land and learned to weave.

The flat on Greene Avenue had to be renovated so we moved to the country after school was out.   The country was Ste. Sophie de Licorne, near St. Jerome. My grandmother had a house there, where I spent many happy summers.

When it was time to come back to the city to go to school the house on Greene Avenue was ready.   It didn't take too long to move.   We attended Queen's School on Olivier Avenue.   I was put into grade three.   The year was 1916.

Painting by Bessie Sager
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