Evil Eye

by Bubby/Auntie Bessie

Two more ways to exorcise the evil eye:

My maternal grandfather's way to exorcise the evil eye:

He made a mark on the door frame showing the height of the child and with a nail and hammer made a small hole where the pencil mark was. Into this hole he put the child's fingernail clippings, toenail clippings and a few hairs from the head. This was sealed and he made an incantation, which I don't think I ever understood.

My paternal grandmother's way:

The affected one must not know he is being exorcised. So get behind the person and say (roughly translated from Yiddish):

Three old women sitting on a stone,
The first one says yes, and the second one says no.
The third one says "wherever it came from there it shall go.

Then you spit poo, poo, poo three times on each side.

Painting by Bessie Sager
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