Random Thoughts About Daily Living

by Bubby/Auntie Bessie

We had an icebox in our house before we had a Frigidaire. An iceman delivered blocks of ice every day or so and the basin under the icebox had to be emptied every day or more, depending on the weather. Iceboxes could be plain or ornate, with two compartments. The upper one was for the block of ice and the one below was for the food. It served its purpose very well, but needed lots of care and attention.

A milkman delivered milk every morning. I think it was the Guaranteed Milk Company and we had four quarts in front of the door.

A baker delivered bread every day and in the lanes, you heard very musical refrains of "watermelons", "apples", "bananas" or not so musical "rags", "bottles". Men with wagons and horses were trying to earn a living.

Even back then, Green Avenue was a commercial street and there was a grocer, a pharmacy, a hardware store, a ladies wear shop, a shoemaker, a post office and a stationery store.

Taylor's store was where my mother sent me for coffee, a mixture of mocha and java to be ground and I still remember the smell was made up of coffee, cookies, spices. I think it was a crockery store.

Painting by Bessie Sager
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