Bio - Paulineee

So far my biggest claim to fame is that I was born on the EXACT SAME DAY as Sting, October 2, 1951.

Grew up and still live near Montreal, Quebec, Canada;

No siblings, no pets (allergies.. to pets, not siblings);

Graduated from Mount Royal High School 1968.. afterwards attended McGill University in Science and later, Concordia University in Commerce;

Married since 1976, separated since 2001 but still living in the same house. This too shall pass.

Worked as a lab tech at McGill and eventually retired to be a stay-at-home mom of TWO boys, born 1981 and 1984;

Active over the years on various school and community organizations;

Recently (November 2002) came out of "retirement" to start a new job as a bank teller.

That career lasted all of two months but did pay for a new refrigerator and Rob's wisdom tooth extraction.

Been online since November 1995, and a denizen of the Undernet (#abbeyroad) for a couple of years; #madlib after that for a short time; brief forays into backgammon at the zone; although I love the game the poor losers are hard to take.

Besides my children, my passions are music (rock and blues), computers, particularly with regard to the internet, and penguins, my collection of which drives friends and family crazy but provides them with a convenient gift idea should the need arise.

Cher I call this one, "Cher"..

Oh and by the way.. it's not a DIARY it's a.. journal.. sort of..
For sure it's not a blog!


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Last updated on April 7, 2003

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