Dec. 19, 1999

2 AM Ramble

Sunday morning, 2 AM (isn't that something like an Art Garfunkel song? the Beatles had one too, Wednesday morning at 5 o'clock as the day begins....)

Almost wide awake because I slept half the day. I've had a cold since Thursday and haven't been out of the house in those three days.

I'm a terrible baby with a cold. I do tend to get complications such as asthma and bronchitis but even with just a head cold, I'm miserable, in more ways than one.

Last year I worked as a lunch mother in an elementary school, one of five supervising seven classes of kindergarten and grade one. I brought home every germ imaginable, and all of us were sick all winter. That's not why I didn't return this year, though.. I'm probably immune to kiddie germs by now.. but they had cutbacks and I was too far down the list. I loved those children to pieces.. there was really not one "bad" child among them. The worst that could be said was that they had too much energy. I particularly enjoyed the little girl hugs. There is nothing on earth like a little girl hug, not even a little boy hug. A girl just throws her whole being into it.

Do I regret not having a daughter?   No.. my temperament is much better suited to raising boys. I hope I get some female grandchildren, though.

The following are updates of the last two entries:

Dad phoned from Florida yesterday, to let me know he feels MUCH better being off his medication for two days. While that's a tremendous relief in one way, he still needs treatment for the cancer. I'm supposed to call the doctor next week.. maybe he'll recommend a change in dosage or scheduling.

Older Son phoned from Florida today, having arrived safe and sound. (Can you tell I took high school Latin from that sentence?) He asked me again to let his girlfriend know, and to tell her he'll call her Monday. Hmmm Wednesday to Monday, five days.. is that writing I see on the wall?

Our plans are to leave early Friday morning. That could be pushed ahead to Thursday but not any further than that.. Younger Son has exams. We plan to return home January 8 or 9. During that time I won't be updating the journal, but if I can get my hands on a computer (a distinct possibility, one way or another) I'll write and say hi to my notify list, so please join up by clicking here (or there, below) if you aren't already on it.

I intend to keep writing, though, by paper and pencil (!) and to take photos, so I should have plenty of material to post in January. Besides the family that Older Son is with, we have several other friends either living in or travelling to the Fort Lauderdale area, Younger Son has a girl waiting breathlessly for him there, and of course there's Dad. The road trip should be good for an entry or two, and there'll doubtless be a rant about the state of local Florida TV news (all crime, all the time!)

I don't expect this to be my last entry before the trip.. I'm just mentioning it now so you'll have plenty of time to join the notify list (hint hint) before I leave.

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