Dec. 2, 1999

Random Thoughts

There I was today, in the school parking lot at 3:30 PM, trying to cram four teenage boys, three guitars and three amps into Hubby's medium-size station wagon. More accurately, the boys were doing the cramming and I was pretending to supervise. The occasion was an after-school band practice for the upcoming talent show.

And of course who should walk by to witness the cramming but two of the teachers who sit on a committee with me. And I try to be taken seriously..

Yes there are school buses, and the kids occasionally use them. I don't mind the picking up, though.. I really enjoy it, as long as it isn't early morning. Other parents do the bringing, I do the picking up. I like being acquainted with my son's friends, and I get a kick out of the chatter. These days it's mostly guy stuff, in the form of music, bands, songs, and concerts. And a bit of school gossip. Last year it seemed to be mostly girls I was carrying around, the highlight of which was one evening last summer when I had 5 girls and two boys in my not-nearly-big-enough sedan. (I put my foot down after that, to limit the number of riders.. imagine the liability!)

I had picking-up duty last April on the night of the Columbine high school shooting. The school band had played in a nearby town and I was waiting for their bus to return. At first being there (being at any school) felt creepy, but when the kids arrived, just hearing the girls' happy chirping was very reassuring.

The kids have a new singer for their band. Now all they have to do is tell the old one that he's out. (Apparently his mother kept grounding him from band practice.) I hope they do a better job than when they changed drummers.. it took them months to let him know. I guess I should be happy that they don't want to hurt anyone's feelings..

They still don't have a name. It's been, at times, "Flem", "Bumb", "Yellow Car Safety", and now they're leaning towards "Six Shooter". Needless to say I don't like that one, and that's a definite vote in its favour for them. Sigh.

Just when you thought it was safe to turn on the TV again:

Wayne Gretzky has been named Canadian male athlete of the century by newspaper sports editors and broadcasters surveyed by Canadian Press/Broadcast News.

(Canadian female athlete of the century is Nancy Greene. Who? Olympic skier -gold and silver medallist. When? 1968. Um ok, well can you name any other female Canadian athletes? -Question doesn't count if you're Canadian!)

What's my age again?

Just "borrowed" Son's Metallica CD, the self-titled one ("black" album.. wherever did that idea come from?) and I'm liking it. A LOT. Could this be where our tastes might intersect?

Yesterday's bowling scores: 124 126 149 total = 399 (No I couldn't get that one extra pin!)
Last year's average: 132
This year's average: Coming along..

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