Nov. 20, 1999


I'm really grouchy tonight. I guess it's the start of the 20th of the month blues. I've been surfing around looking for a news story to write about, but nothing seems worth the effort.

I'd like to discuss the plight of Abilgail the white abalone, who is the only one of her kind in captivity and for whom marine scientists are scouring the ocean for a mate because white abalones have been overharvested and are endangered... but I don't have the patience.

I'd like to tell you about the story I found on, entitled "Cybermonks take the Word Online" which is about how monasteries are creating websites to sell their specialty wares and spread their gospel, and which also has links to sites created by nuns and Buddhist monks.. but my brain is too tired. (I'll thus avoid the inevitable bad joke referring to vows of cybercelibacy.)

I did manage a half-hearted web search for our local Monastery, northwest of Montreal in Oka, Quebec, which produces a fine cheese. I guess our monks aren't online yet but I did find this site, describing the cheese. Make sure your speakers are turned on if you go there.. they have a very excellent sound file of (what else?) a cow MOOOOOOOOOO'ing!

Then there was this article on, a Canadian news site, claiming that the majority of "Canadians" (according to some poll) if given the choice, would choose $10,000 over "a year of great sex". (As opposed to the majority of "Americans" who chose the sex, natch!) Well. If I had the energy, I'd be burning mad, because: it turns out that the survey was only taken in TORONTO. You can't generally extrapolate values for one city to an entire country, and when the city is Toronto and the country is Canada, it's patently absurd. I'd believe the results of Torontonians.. this is the city which, when confronted with a little snow last winter, called in the freakin' CANADIAN ARMY! To plow the streets. So they wouldn't have to miss a day's work. In Montreal, a foot or more of snow is a reason to PAR-TAY! (Torontonians are getting theirs, as I hear.. they need yet a THIRD area code to have enough phone numbers for all their gizmos, and it's being set up so that they will ALWAYS have to dial in the area code. Ten numbers, all the time. Heee.)

Now, that thought cheered me up enough to end with the following, from the Globe and Mail (a Canadian newspaper) website:

Did you hear about the eye doctor who moved to some islands in Alaska? He became an optical Aleutian!

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