Nov. 10, 1999

Sacred Fire


I knew I liked that girl!

Sasha linked to me again in her current entry. That in itself is great.. I lovvve being linked to! And I appreciate her kind words, but that's not what set me off.

What set me off is, the casual mention on her sidebar of "What I'm Listening To": Sacred Fire - Santana.

It's a live album of Santana's concert tour in South America, in 1993.

(Album? OK recording... fine, CD. Whatever.)


Sacred Fire CD


I have it here in front of me, and I remember vividly how I came to buy it, four or five years ago. I was in the record store looking for something long-forgotten, and "No One to Depend On" was playing on the stereo system. There were also ceiling-mounted TV's showing the video. I freaked. I'd been a fan of Santana's Latin-rock-blues style since he began in the 60's, but this brought it into focus.. one of those moments when it all comes together and makes sense. It's difficult to put my feelings about music into words, as words are inadequate to convey the range and richness of feelings that music can evoke (both positive and negative!) I used to drive my mother crazy by saying that if I had to lose one, I'd rather lose my sight than my hearing.

And out of the blue, Sasha, whom I "met" only recently online but felt an instinctual kinship with, is playing "my" album.

Sasha happens to be the main reason this journal is still here. She rescued me from a crisis of confidence three months into it by responding to my post on Meta-Talk, a journal-related bulletin board. She also designed the "Inertia" logo on my bio page.

And oh yes she writes a helluva journal. This entry is my recent favourite. Beautiful (but not so large that they take too long to load) photographs and a fascinating combination of comedy and dramatic tension in her words. Is that even possible? See for yourself!

My bowling scores today: 104 135 151, total 390.
Last year's average: 132
This year's average: We won't talk about it yet.

My team: In first place out of 8, with only one way to go, since one bowler is leaving for three weeks in Africa on Friday, another is having her knee operated on in December, and a third just sprained her ankle.

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