Nov. 9, 1999

She's Got Issues

The generation gap ain't what it used to be.

Bob Dylan told us not to trust anyone over thirty, and we unquestioningly obeyed. Parents were necessary evils to be rebelled against at every turn. We went to our peers for guidance and emotional support. (We = my friends and I in our late teens, in the late sixties.)

Well we graduated, got jobs, got married and crossed the generation gap. I remember sometime in my 20's, thinking of teenage students as "them" and realizing I had become an adult. It was kind of scary.

Now I have my own teens and the rules have changed (for much the better!) My kids have been known to say, "Mom, what do you think of.." which is a phrase that never crossed my lips, I'm sure! Their friends are generally respectful and even affectionate. There's a comfort level that I never felt with my parents and their friends. Sure, both kids went through stages where they were embarrassed to be seen with Hubby or me in public but they got over that by age 13 or so.

The more I think about it, the more I realize we (Baby Boomers) were the generation from Hell.

On a related issue:

Why do people in their forties and fifties complain and whine about being old? I understand complaining about being ill, but no.. these people are upset because their hair is turning grey, and gravity is having some sort of effect on their bodies.

Maybe my head is stuck in the sand about this but.. I don't FEEL old. I REFUSE to feel old. I like my age, have since I turned 40, realized that I didn't have to impress anybody, and began to do and feel as I wished. Yes I colour my hair. I've also been told I look younger than I am which is nice, but not really relevant to how I feel. The body isn't the same as it used to be.. it's slower and a bit achy at times, but it gets me around.

I love the stage of life that I'm at, despite my problems, which are no worse than anyone's. I love that my kids aren't still in diapers and don't need constant supervision, and have become two delightful people that share my home. I feel like I've gone through a long dark tunnel of child-rearing and personal discovery and have emerged out in the sunshine among the autumn leaves and cool breezes. Whatever happens now, I've done the best job I could and the rest is up to them, and fate/God/whatever. I wouldn't trade this peace of mind for any amount of youth.

Denial? Maybe.. but I prefer to think of it as wisdom. It took long enough to get here, after all!

CD presently playing: Time Space, the Best of Stevie Nicks (one of the very few female singers I truly like.)

Other female singers I like: Melissa Etheridge, Alannah Myles, Christine McVie, Aretha Franklin, Tracy Chapman.

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