Oct. 25, 1999

So Lucky?

Be careful whom you envy. That's my corollary to "be careful what you wish for".

It's a good news-bad news kind of thing: the good news is, you're going to marry Paul McCartney. The bad news? Dead in your early 50's of breast cancer.
The good news is, you're going to marry Prince Charles. No need to go into the bad news there..

And who isn't acquainted with someone who seems to have it all.. beauty, talent, wealth, love.. only to discover some terrible secret underneath.

Today another shoe fell. More specifically, another airplane. The good news? Payne Stewart, you're going to win the US Open Golf Tournament (one of four major tournaments) twice in your life, and wind up third on the money list the second time you do it. The bad news? Your Lear Jet goes down 4 months after the second US Open victory.

My point is, envying the rich and famous is a waste of time and energy. It reminds me of the Master Card commercial, which goes something like this (I'm making up the first part because I don't exactly remember the details.. I do remember the final part.)

Hair colour...$50.00
Face Lift.....$2000.00

Then they show a cartoon of Fred Flintstone jumping up and down:

Being happy with who you are: Priceless!!!

This isn't to say we shouldn't aspire, work, improve ourselves, our finances and our lifestyles! Realistically, though, the chances of achieving great wealth and fame are miniscule, and there comes a point where we need to be satisfied, if not with where we are, then at least with the road we're on and the speed we're travelling. Especially if the vehicule has a good sound system.

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