Oct. 16, 1999

Bovine Update

It gets worse.. (See original story here if you haven't already.)

The Canadian Government is now the laughing stock (pun intended!) of North America.

According to published reports including this one in the Ottawa Citizen newspaper, our Government didn't actually react to one isolated complaint. It reacted to NO complaints. There was no woman named Stephanie. It was a case of a hypothetical example getting out of hand, or a kid's game of broken telephone.

Ever responsive to the will of the people,

the management of the Agriculture Museum also announced yesterday it has reversed a year-and-a-half-old directive not to give people's names to animals, after receiving scores of letters, phone calls, faxes and e-mails from upset human beings.

"There is no Stephani," said an apologetic Ms. Grobb. "That was my misunderstanding. Stephani was being used as an example: For example, if a cow named Stephani was being interpreted (to a school class) and there was a child in the class that shared the same name and the animal was doing certain bodily functions that could be embarrassing, the child of the same name could be teased."

Well we certainly can't have cows being cows. Especially if they carry your name.

In other news:

Glad to hear the California earthquake wasn't more destructive. This time. Give me a foot of snow anyday..

We did finally manage to get concert tickets; Dad is still waiting for test results on his prostate (more about that when I know what we're dealing with); the leaves on the trees are almost the colour of this background; I updated three days in a row! a record!

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