Oct. 15, 1999

Not a Real Entry

After much soul-searching and hand-wringing deliberation, I've decided to set up a notify list. It seems most journallers who don't update daily have one, for the convenience of their readers.

Speaking as a reader, I didn't join any lists at first, preferring to just click through my bookmarks. I've joined a few recently, as it seems to be another subculture of this strange jouralling phenomenon. And I can't just let a subculture go unturned.

I have no objection to the process of having a notify list.. things like that fall into the category of "fun" to me. The hesitation was due to the message that having a list might convey to the world... that message being, that people actually read this journal, or, even worse, that I was labouring under the false pretense that people read it.

Now, thanks mainly to links from Sasha, Sandy, and most recently Al of Nova Notes (wow!) and the write-up on diarist.net, I think I have acquired a few regulars who might appreciate not checking for entries in vain. For all those interested, you can sign up for the notify list by clicking here.

We now return you to your regular journal...

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