Oct. 12, 1999

Down by the Bay

Yesterday while Younger Son and I were shopping, he was considering buying tickets to a concert in November that he and his friends want to attend. He didn't know exactly how many tickets to get, though, so I suggested we find out if the seating is reserved. (Many concerts just have standing room for the "mosh pit" and a few seats on the side. Yes I know it's dangerous. He's a big sensible kid and I'll hold my breath like the other times.)

The nearest ticket outlet was at The Bay department store. The Bay is one of Canada's oldest (if not THE oldest, I'm too lazy to look it up)stores, descended from the Hudson's Bay Company (fur traders, and they made a mean wool blanket!) It's a tad upscale from Sears and maybe on a par with Macy's in the States. It has a terrible reputation for poor customer service and I avoid shopping there, but the kid wanted to look at overpriced jeans.

We arrived at the ticket window, which had two wickets with two ladies in attendance. One was occupied, and we stood at the other. At first we were ignored, as the lady concentrated on trying to open a roll of pennies wrapped in plastic without breaking her nails. After awhile she noticed us, and this is what followed (translated from the French in which the exchange occurred):

ME: (looks at Son for him to tell her what concert he wants.)

SON: Blink 182 November 11 at Jarry Stadium.

Lady #1: What??

ME: repeats what Son said.

Lady #1: Where is that? The Molson Center?

ME: No, Jarry Park, the stadium there. Where they play tennis.

Lady #1: Ohhhh Tennis!!!

SON: Blink 182 concert, November 11?

Lady #1:(click click click in computer)

Lady #1: Olympic Stadium?

ME: no, JARRRRRRRRRRRY park stadium.

Lady #1: *blank gaze*

Lady #2, to Lady #1: Jarry Park Stadium.

Lady #1: Ohhhhhhhhhhh ok Jarry PARK Stadium.

(click click click..)

Lady #1: the date you want is August 14?

ME: No, November (thinks: aarghhhh this is October!!)

(click click click..)

Lady #1: This is in Quebec City, right, not Montreal??

ME: Nevermind. We'll come back.


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