Oct. 7, 1999

She's Got the Look

I thought I'd lost IT. I feared IT had mellowed with age, withered with contentment. But no... I still have IT!

The evil eye that strikes terror into the hearts of small children.

My kids have long since lost their fear of IT, in fact they laugh and tell me I look like a constipated penguin, or something..

Anyway, today I was in line at the grocery (is that a Canadian word?) behind a young mother with a 3-ish year old daughter who had obviously had an overdose of froot loops for breakfast. She wasn't noisy, but rather a whirling dervish of movement. I ended up helping the mother unload the cart (I'd have preferred to take the child, but you can't take liberties with strangers' kids these days) and even then Mom needed 6 arms to control the girl. I caught little one's eye for a moment and turned IT on.. nowhere near full blast, just a little.. and the poor thing was hiding behind her mother's skirts, and desperately trying to get away from me.. to the point where IT really hadn't helped the situation much. I backed off and smiled so that settled her down a bit. I was really surprised at her reaction, and really pleased, deep down, to know that IT is still there, laying in wait for my poor grandchildren.

In other news..

Many thanks to Sandy of Dirt Road Ramblin' for the kind words and the link. Sandy started her journal last summer, around the same time I did, but she seems to have been doing it forever, she's so natural and relaxed. It's like getting a letter in the mail from your favourite cousin every single day! (Yes she usually updates daily! My bad..) Anyone reading this who didn't get here via Sandy's journal should click on over there and see for yourself!

This has been a busy week.. I've also been "launched".. in diarist.net's Launch column for new journals. The columnist Damiana gave me a sparkling write-up.. she must have impeccable taste! Seriously, I've found the entire diarist.net site to be an invaluable resource and highly recommend it for all, especially those just starting out. And registering with the Diary Registry (part of the diarist.net's site) is a must!

Finally, my tracker tells me there was a hit by "emimusicpub.com" this afternoon, referred by Launch. PAUL MCCARTNEY if you're out there, I STILL WANT YOU! email me!!!

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