Sept. 21, 1999

Three Things that Made my Day:

1. Younger son coming home with 49/50 on his first math exam in the enriched math program. Kid obviously has MY brains (although my dad tried to take credit..)

2. The following conversation in my car after school, with Younger Son and his friend/classmate/band-mate, returning home from the record store (where they just HAD to buy the latest CD by "Our Lady Peace"):

Me: I have a meeting tonight, by the way (referring to committee at his school).

Son: Ma, WHY do you want to go to those? (grrrrrr..)

Me: Because I have the time, lots of parents don't.. because I have the ability, and because I enjoy it.

Son: Well, as long as you don't start volunteering at school during the day (grrrrr..)

Me: Maybe only once in awhile.. (as I've always done).. besides, what if I was the school librarian, or something??

Son: (smiling) I'd change schools, or make you do that.

Friend: (piping up from the back seat) If you were the school librarian, I'd be in there all day talking to you.


My kid has great taste in friends!!!

3. At abovementioned meeting:

  • Being able to get up and say "a few words" about myself without having a major panic attack;
  • Getting re-elected to the committee in question (limited number of seats);
  • Helping defeat an attempt by a teacher from another school to set up an afterschool homework program after he finally got kicked out of his own school for doing that.. after years, the board finally realized he had a "conflict of interest". This slimeball taught Older Son 6 years ago.. and I'm convinced he gave poor marks to promote his program, which was a private business but since it was located in the school, it appeared to have had the endorsement of the school in question. It gave me immense satisfaction to see his proposal, which he made sound like motherhood and apple pie, soundly rejected. The teachers saw right through him as did most of the parents, and it didn't help that he tried to use the guilt of working parents as a lever.

So all in all it's been a very satisfying day!

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