Sept. 9, 1999

Insomnia (Again) and Bowling

3:20 AM:

Can't sleep. I tried, really. For about an hour. Didn't work.

I've been told I might sleep better at night if I didn't nap during the day. Well, I don't nap every day, maybe only two or three times a week. This is something that I came to rather late in life.. about the same time I started keeping late hours on line, coincidentally. Before that, afternoon naps did more harm than good. Maybe they still do..

Bowling league started today. First week is always an ordeal for the organizers, and the actual bowling is merely an afterthought. Thirty women, anxious to find out who their teammates are (or aren't!).. sanction cards to sign, fees to be paid, excuses to be made.. New members to greet and try to welcome, computers to be adjusted when players bowl out of turn.. Averages and handicap to be adjusted when it's revealed that a certain new bowler DID have a recorded average, not under the two names I checked (divorced and remarried) but under her maiden name..

When I first started bowling in this league, 13 years ago, they had a day care room which was full of preschool kids, including my own Younger Son. Now, the youngest bowler is pushing 40, most are in their 50s and 60s, and one of the new members is actually over 80! I hope by the time I'm 80 I can lift the darn ball, never mind throw it.

Bowlers are a remarkably stubborn lot.. I guess that's true of any devotee of a sport, but bowling is something just about anybody can do and have fun with. A few years ago one of the ladies had a bout of arthritis.. and insisted on waddling down the lane with a cane in her left hand, and bowling ball in her right! I wish I'd had a camera..

Our top bowler wears a brace on her knee (she's one of the younger ones, in her early 40s) because of wear and tear from other sports, and an operation. Another one (beginner level) was told by her doctor that bowling will damage her arm muscles.. so she's altering her approach. I myself bowled 5 days after having my tubes tied, several years ago. I just figured, I'd see how it felt to throw the ball.. and it was ok so I kept on going!

Stupid? I suppose.. I prefer to think of it as dedicated, though.

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