Sept. 6, 1999

Back to School

It's "the most wonderful time of the year" according to the commercial for the school supply mega-store.. "they're going baaaaaaaaaaaaaack!"

For the first time in 11 years (longer if you count nursery school) I only have one child going baaaaaaaaaaaaack. Older Son has decided to take "a semester" off and continue working. I'm OK with that since he's working much harder at work than he did at school. He has graduated high school and sleepwalked through one year of junior college, and he'll go back when he finds out that his options are limited. He's not a prize student, but he does have some common sense.

So, tomorrow is the day for Younger Son. He's starting "sec. IV" which is the next to last year of high school in Quebec. Gone are the days when I have to coordinate school supplies and clothes and schedules.. he does it all (big hooray)!! All I have to do is be available to go shopping when he gets home at 3 PM. And bring money, of course. Sec IV is traditionally a tough grade, and he's taking mostly advanced classes.. he might actually have to study a bit this year. You can only go so far on memory and logic.. At least the school has extended the music program through this year, (as an option) so he'll have a bit of a creative break.

This week is also the start of other activities.. bowling leagues for all of us, school committees for me. I've been the "secretary" (ie, statistician) for my bowling league for about 7 years now. We start on Wednesday so of course I've left a few hours of preparatory work to be done tomorrow (sigh..) The four of us that run the league (elected annually at the banquet) have been busy for almost a month, making phone calls and then assembling the teams. This is no mean feat, dividing 32 women into 8 teams, trying to get the teams balanced according to bowling average, and then adjusting for compatibility. I really don't think that normal leagues take that into account, but we strive for everyone to be as happy as their personalities will let them. More about all this in upcoming entries.

More later about the school committees, too. I wonder just how far I'll be sucked in this time..

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