August 19, 1999

More Warm Fuzzies

Some people can be just so sweet.. today's graphics were sent to me as a gift from Tala of The Long Road Home. I'd never even told her I love cats.. but it seems from the journals I've read that cat-loving is practically a prerequisite for journalling.

The problem is, due to violent allergies, I can't own a cat. Not in this climate, anyway.. we'd have to buy a separate house just for the cat. My father's side of the family worships cats, and can spend hours just sitting around telling cat stories. They remember their felines with more affection and in more detail than some of their relatives!

Dogs are ok.. I like dogs.. but nothing compares to a cat. Dogs love everybody. Dogs are cheap. Cats are discriminating. Even if you feed them, it doesn't guarantee devotion. If a cat likes you, you are truly worthy of the honor.

In other news.. we're getting houseguests from upstate NY for the weekend.. hubby's nephew, his wife, and their 18 month old baby girl. It's been awhile since my house was childproofed.. and instead of hiding the poisons on the top shelves, I'm asking my kids to reach stuff up there to save me climbing on a chair. I fear we'll have to remove everything that's not nailed down within 3 feet of the floor (maybe more??).. and I"m seriously considering relocating the computer from the basement (where they'll be sleeping) to the dining room, for 2 reasons:

  • To keep little hands from pulling down the keyboard/mouse/whatever else she can reach.
  • I'd go into withdrawal if I couldn't spend half the night online!

Let's see.. I can run the phone line through the door leading to the kitchen, behind the microwave cart, up top the fridge, to the phone jack under the counter..

Addicted??? Me???? nah..

School season is starting to gear up.. we received the transportation information for Younger Son in the mail today.. a detailed map of the bus route he's to take, complete except for the actual location of the bus stops. Sigh... It's strange to only be sending ONE child back to school. I hope Older Son resumes his education soon... this is making me feel positively ancient!

My journal reference du jour is of course Tala's The Long Road Home Articulate, insightful, warm, honest. Gorgeous mountain scenery (Colorado) photos, too!

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Graphics courtesy of Tala