August 16, 1999

The Number 15 and Other Stories

First of all, regarding the previous entry.. I snapped out of the mood and all it took was a good nap and a rousing game of tracker tag (more about that below). I did however have occasion to meet The Girl.. Older Son brought her home. And it IS as bad as I thought. I can only hope it burns itself out with no permanent damage. Yes I know I sound like the Mother From Hell but it's easier to bite my tongue in front of him if I can let it all out here.
(Relationships in the 90's.. leaving love notes on her pager! yuck...)

On to cheerier topics...

A BIG thank you for the links to Rien of Holland oops I mean the Netherlands. Rien is looking for small gif's or jpg's of numbers to use as dates for his journal, and I sent him birthday candles cropped from a photo of Older Son's 15th cake. He kindly thanked me in a journal entry, and put a link in the jpg as used for the date, too! It has resulted in quite a few hits for me and maybe a return visit or two, dare I hope!


This fascinating medium never fails to awe me. It wasn't invented on purpose, like radio, tv, telephones.. rather, like Topsy from Uncle Tom's Cabin, it just "growed". And now, a bit of a photo from a celebration in my kitchen three years ago rests on the European web site of a wondefully articulate TV video editor... possibly bringing other people to read these words, written in my suburban Canadian basement. And another journaller, Iko of The Mind's I was kind enough to answer my plea for help on the Diary-L list (re the origin of the above reference, which had slipped my mind) . Maybe I'm nuts but it's enough to give me a warm fuzzy feeling!

Oh yes the tracker tag.. this morning I found a referral to my Howdy Neighbour entry from Stee's tracker. I knew he'd find it sooner or later.. apparently one of my readers (I LOVE saying that, "my readers"!) followed the link to Stee's site. Thanks for the email, Stee, and yes I love being next door to a Hollywood icon!

Coming soon: a links page of journal bookmarks/favourites..

Example: (hope she doesn't mind the reference but this passage is classic..)

From "erm..." by Mavis Minge, of Manchester, UK (August 10, 1999 entry):

I offered to take over on a number of occasions, but he clung resolutely to the wheel, like it was some sort of endurance test. It took us five hours, and by the end he was so clenched you could have rammed a coal up his arse and he'd have shat you a diamond.
Now it really just does NOT get any better than that, does it!!!

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