July 17, 1999


2 AM:
Insomnia might have been a good name for this journal (or whatever) if I'd thought of it before Inertia..

The movie version would be "Diary of an Insomniac" starring Kathy Bates, yep..

I have always been like this.. I drove my parents crazy because I could not settle down to sleep. I listened to AM radio in bed back then, and found that at night you could pull in stations from hundreds of miles away! This kept me quiet and my parents satisfied, unless the static got too loud and blew my cover (so to speak..)

In my mid-teens they got me a "Princess" phone for my room.. whoever invented that must have been a parent, because the darn thing LIT UP when the receiver was off the hook! Not only did I have to whisper in my 2 AM conversations, but I had to hide the phone under the blankets, too.

In fact the only time I've been able to get to sleep at "normal" hours was during pregnancies and when the kids were young and had to be sent off to school (nowadays they send themselves off.. I feel a bit guilty about that, but not guilty enough to change!)

I was quite disgruntled when David Letterman's show moved to 11:30 PM from 12:30 AM.. it became TOO EARLY for me. Then the internet came along and poor Dave has done without me for the last 3 years. I went through the IRC chat phase relatively unscathed except for permanent sleep deprivation. Then came online games and tournaments lasting well into the night. Now it's catching up with the journals I've discovered, and hunting for graphics.. when the family's asleep I lose all concept of time.

Anyway, tonight I'm up waiting for the 15 year old to decide to come home. It's not as bad as it sounds.. I know where he is (sorta) and who he's with.. a friend is visiting from out of town and a gang of them invited him to go bowling.. at 11 PM (sigh).. I didn't have the heart to say no since I'm always up anyway and they know it! He just called to say they're closing out the bowling lanes at 2 AM and they "don't know" what they're doing after that, and he'd call again, aargh!

He sauntered in at 3:15 AM, after ringing the doorbell because he forgot his key! He is darn lucky I'm a night person, or else at his age he'd never be allowed out so late without me awake to worry about him!

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