July 2, 1999

Online Journal?

This has to come under the heading of, those things I've embarked upon doing while thinking, "You need your head examined..."

There is nothing more private than one's thoughts.. yet people choose to throw theirs open to the entire world, (including "random weirdos" as one web site creator put it) for reasons that are at best unclear (to me, anyway). The perceived anonymity of the web makes it easier, I suppose.. one's ideas can take on a life of their own, separate from one's physical presence and any preconceived notions that personal acquaintances might have. Still, letting it all hang out (in public) seems ill-advised, and if it's on someone's hard drive, it can't be taken back.

I have no desire to write a diary, much less put one online. What I'm aiming for is an outlet for thoughts, ideas and opinions that go otherwise unshared.

I'm also looking to push myself to write often, ideally daily, maybe 30 years later than I should have but hey, nobody's perfect..

I also want to look outward, as opposed to using this as a forum for self-psychoanalysis. No navel-gazing or self-mutilation here! (Well, hardly ever..)

If this does indeed see the light of the cyber-electrons it will be a personal triumph over the demon procrastination. I can spend months scouring the web for the perfect background, only to end up using a solid colour.. I can spend more months wading through html tutorials and obsessing over whether to use a cover page and whether to link to my picture. And so far I'm not sure if I really want anyone to read this stuff, anyway.

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