November 1, 2004

On to the Next Crisis

Update on Computer Problems:
Bureau en Gros (Staples) cheerfully refunded me for the first computer. For a slightly higher price, at Future Shop, I found an HP Athlon 3000 - significantly better than the one I originally went for.
I think a computer that I buy in October 2004 really should work at least as well as one I bought in April 2003 (Rob's computer) and the celeron did not.

The HP works. It was factory-new (unlike the second one that Staples gave me). It has a nice blue glow. So I'm calmed down - until the next time.

One note of interest: It seems that HP no longer provides system recovery disks, but instead devotes a small portion of the hard drive to a recovery program. along with instructions for making your own disks if desired, assuming you have a CD burner, which is almost standard nowadays anyway.
In other news:
I'm having a crisis.
My baby is (sort of) moving out.
Sort of.
Very, very slowly.

This is the child who, at age 9, informed me that he wasn't coming back from school because he was on a quest to find his "real mother", since I was too "mean" to be her. And who would frequently inform me that on his 18th birthday, he would be "outta here".

By the time he turned 18 he was far from outta here.

He's 23 now and would still be firmly entrenched in his room were it not for The Girlfriend.

Girlfriend just moved out of her parents' home, into a fresh new condo. Mark is, I guess, a permanent guest.
Or something.
He claims he will still spend time here, and he probably will since they don't have a cable connection there. Nor a computer, yet.
And the washing machine still "needs a part" so the laundry is here.
In fact, nothing much seems to be missing from his room, except him, and only since yesterday, as last night was their first night in the new home.

I invited myself over there this morning, saying I was in the neighbourhood. (It can be argued that I LIVE in the neighbourhood - it's only about a ten minute drive.)

The outside of the building still has the insulation showing, or whatever it is that they put the bricks over.
The driveway is gravel.
But GF's apartment is habitable, except for the back balcony which... isn't. Yet.

They (they? ack!) are on the top floor of a three story building which only has six units. They have windows on three sides which will be nice with regard to lighting but I suspect not so nice with regard to heating and air conditioning.

His teddy bears are there. And his pillows.

This reality check was second only to the time when he was in grade 1 and I saw him in his classroom for the first time.
Sitting at a desk.
In nursery school and kindergarten, they didn't have desks.
My baby, my firstborn, was a student!
Now he's a... partner? Whatever.

They (!) have a spare room, and I managed to stop myself from proclaiming it a "nursery".
Yay me.

For those not on my notify list:

Why aren't you?

Anyway, I've started yet another blog, this one on my own site, with comments accessible to all, unlike the xanga blog.

It's for my opinions and short thoughts. This site will remain for longer, more personal entries.

And as always, the Hot Flashes 'Burb is HERE.

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