April 7, 2004

Girls Can Be Anything

That is the title of a book in the library of the elementary school where Rob attended kindergarten and Mark, grade 3.

Actually, the book is no longer IN the library, but out on the school lawn, where Rob took these photographs today.

Here are some more library books:

And more:

And here is the context:

...as seen from the car.

The building is a Jewish elementary and high school, and what happened here was a firebomb.
Around 2 AM Monday morning someone broke the windows of the school's library, threw "accelerant" inside and set it on fire.
Notes found taped to the school reportedly linked the attack to recent events in Israel, and threatened further action.

There were no physical injuries.

For more information and photos:
CTV website
Montreal Gazette story
And a particularly striking photo, here.

The school is about a twenty minute drive from my home. Rob and I had to be in town today anyway but I think I would have made a special trip to see this with my own eyes.

My children only attended the school for one year, for various reasons, none having to do with the quality of the education. During that year I was an active volunteer and spent many hours there helping with fundraising projects.

Does it make a difference that it was THIS school and not one of the many other Jewish schools in Montreal?
I thought it would but it doesn't, not much.
I think the sight of any school's books mangled and melted, strewn on the grass, would be sickening.

Antisemitic attacks are nothing new, not even in Canada, but this goes beyond spray paint and grafitti, even beyond cemetery desecration.

Nothing is out of bounds.

Knowing that someone did this on purpose, that it wasn't an accident, doesn't so much scare me as make me angry.
I have to keep reminding myself that there is as much good in the world as evil, and perhaps one iota more.

Still posting occasional short entries in the blog.

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