February 29, 2004

Another Giant Leap for Mankind? II


And I've been around SO long that I have a previous Leap Day entry, from 2000!

I'm using the same title because nobody got the pun the first time around.

Actually this isn't a LEAP DAY entry per se because it's not about Leap Day. There's plenty on the web if anybody is interested.
So I won't explain about the earth's rotation taking up an uneven number of days which, if left uncorrected, would eventually cause the seasons to shift, and then summer would be winter and winter would be summer, just like in New Zealand, and we can't have THAT, can we?

I also won't tell you that, as far as I can tell from skimming this page, nothing remarkable really ever happened on a February 29.
The only thing I found that was even remotely interesting was that the movie Gone With the Wind won its Academy Awards on this date in 1940, which amuses me only because it indicates that the awards were once held at this time of year as opposed to the end of March, as far back as I can remember, up until this year.

Our newspaper ran a story about how Leap Day is a free day, in the sense that for things paid by the month (or year) people are getting an extra day of product or service for the same price.
I never thought about that, and now thinking about it, it's nice but doesn't make up for having to wait a day to turn over the calendar.
Besides, the costs must be factored in anyway.

Not that March is such a bargain either - we get our biggest snowstorms in March because the warmer air holds more moisture. But the days of 20 below zero are probably mostly over.

I guess it's obvious from this entry, I'm still feeling pretty down - but I did make an appointment with a therapist, for this coming Friday.

I hope he can help me figure out why I'm not moving forward.

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