January 24, 2004


(No, not that, you perverts!)

The last couple of weeks I've been a bit distracted and a bit depressed, and haven't managed to construct a coherent entry.
I'll save the WHY for later (or never) - nothing bad happened, just some echoes and a lot of winter, here.

I did find a couple of started paragraphs:

This was from last Sunday, when my older son Mark returned home from vacation:

My baby is back home!

Or was, for a few moments, long enough to bestow upon us gifts of chocolate, t-shirts, and his dirty laundry.
Then it was off to the Girlfriend's house for more of the same. They fed him, too. Or somebody did.
I asked him (teasingly) who did his laundry during his week in Florida.
"I did."
"You, or Girlfriend?"
"Well, I gave it to her…"

My son's concept of laundry.
Oh well, he's her problem now, for as long as she'll put up with him!

Kind of ran out of gas after that.

This is from sometime before that, not dated:

What to write…

The huge blank screen looms, as the huge blank piece of paper once did.
And maybe still does, to the purists.

Until a few years ago, I preferred to write longhand - anything from personal letters to school papers.
If necessary I would retype, or get my mother or another member of a group project to do it.
I felt that too much of my brain was taken up with figuring out the typing to allow me to concentrate on what I was trying to say.

Nowadays my typing is much improved (thanks to uncountable hours in chat rooms when I first came online) and my handwriting has devolved so much I can hardly read it, and it's frustrating to write that way because it doesn't go fast enough.

There's no point to this, just thought I'd say…

And the screen isn't nearly as blank as before, now.
Unfortunately, I can't say the same for my mind.

Yeah, that one kind of hit a dead end.

Since I'm still mostly drawing a blank, I'll just say thanks for the link to Rob of Heat, a blog from Australia. Even though he found my dryer lint entry first, he was nice enough to provide another link to the front page.

Dryer lint. I can't believe how many message boards and gag sites have linked to that entry.
But when I have something SERIOUS to say, maybe three people read it, grumble.
Okay, five.

Linque Du Jour:   The Gender Genie
This is pretty cool: you paste in some text (preferably over 500 words) and it tells you if the author is male or female!
I tried it with a random entry and it got me right. But just barely. The score seemed close to me.

The home page of this site is worth a link too - it's an online book discussion group. One book a month, and they already have the books for February and March posted.
Lots of time to prepare. I like that, even though I don't usually make use of it.

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