January 9, 2004

What, Me Quirky?

There's really no theme to this entry so I'll just jump right in:

After many years of crankiness on our many trips to Florida, my son Mark and his girlfriend have decided to take a winter holiday - in Florida.
Now Florida is very nice (especially in January) but there are lots of warm places to go to and I'd think he'd want to make memories of his first week-long vacation with the girlfriend someplace other than where he went as a child!
He always was a little old man in disguise.

They arrived in Ft. Lauderdale yesterday and on the phone he mentioned something about an "air conditioner".
We have one too.
It's called "outdoors".

Amendment to my previous entry, with regard to the tax preparer job:
This week my instructor called to offer me a position.
I turned it down.
The location was part of the reason - it's at least a forty minute drive, where there were other potential locations as close as five minutes, and a few about fifteen minutes away.

I realize that by California standards, forty minutes is nothing, but for me, combined with snow and ice and cold and the crappy salary ($8.50 an hour, "non-negotiable" - I did try!) it just didn't add up.
I'd be working an hour each time to pay for the gas alone!

I gave him a chance to talk me into it - asking him about next year, about possibilities for advancement. To his credit, he confessed that salary increases are "small".
So while I did enjoy the work, I also enjoy breathing on my investments and thinking up things to write about, and can probably make as much sitting around in my pyjamas.

It's strange.. as much as I thought I wanted to take this route while I was in the course, when it came down to it, it wasn't worth it to me.
It's not "inertia" - inertia would be to stay on the same path.

Sometimes I adopt a challenge, just to see if I can.
When I was a teenager (and even older, I guess) the challenge often involved attracting some poor male.
As soon as I saw that I "could", I would lose interest.
I guess that's what happened here.
It's cool that I passed, it's cool that they offered me a job, but it's not what I want now.

Just for the record, I don't always abandon my successes.
This journal is one example of something I began by wanting to see if I could, and it's now in its fifth year.
I don't talk about it much but I began trading stocks online two years ago, and still spend hours poring over business sites and financial pages.
Lately that has begun to pay off too.
No, I don't risk a lot and I don't borrow or buy on margin. I'm adventurous, not foolhardy!

Speaking of adventure:

This is an off-week for the Friday Five, so as usual Mr. WLA has offered his own inimitable version, the Funky Friday Four.
The subject is HEAVEN.
(And you better link me up this time, Alvin!)

1. You are standing at the Pearly Gates and Saint Tad has just caught you lying and so before you can get into Heaven where nothing ever changes you are sent back to earth to reveal one fib that you have been telling your Ex since the divorce. What is that FIB?

I never bet on baseball.
Oh wait, that wasn't me…

2. You finally get into Heaven and you find it major boring. So you walk over to Abraham and ask if you can have five minutes on the intercom. What do you do say in that five minutes to liven things up?

One word: FIRE!!!!!!!!!

3. After five hundred years in heaven you are now going out of your gourd with having absolutely nothing to do so you invent something to make eternal afterlife just a bit better. What is that INVENTION?


4. Seeing as how time just lingers on in heaven you decide that what the other angels need are wing bumper stickers. What is your best selling wing bumper sticker?

Is that a pigeon stand on your head or are you just happy to see me?

Linque Du Jour:   Quirkyalone!
"a community of independent thought on singledom, life, and love."

Quirkyalones are people who resist the tyranny of coupledom precisely because they would prefer to be open to finding that "magical click," whether that click is found in the context of a romantic relationship, with friends, or on our own.

The thing about this is, you don't have to be single to be "alone". Now I can relate to that.

There's a quiz to see if you qualify. My score was 81, which means:

Somewhat quirkyalone (otherwise known as quirkytogether):
You are probably part of a mysterious group of people, the quirkytogethers. You share many of our quirky qualities, but you manage to find yourself, on a regular basis, in a coupled situation. Interesting.


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