December 31, 2003

...And Good Riddance!

No no no.
Not going to do it.
No resolutions this year.
No year-end review, like in last year's Friday Five (which used the same questions again this year, providing an excellent opportunity for measuring one's personal progress.)

Enough already.

I am only too happy to see the back end of year 2003, the first part of which was, to say the least, difficult for me personally.
(Not to mention, for most of the rest of the world, too.)
It's taken me until recently to be assured that I've clawed my way out of the spider-hole (new word, yay!) and am truly looking ahead.

So there is no way I am going to relive that period in the last few hours of this year or the first few of the next.

I never keep them anyway.
I did lose weight this year, about twenty pounds, but that wasn't because of the resolution.
It just happened.
But I didn't keep any of the others.

I still leave my roots way too long (although I finally did get rid of the long hair this year), there is still a partial roll of film in my old camera, and I still haven't gotten rid of the bulk of the clutter around here (okay that wasn't a resolution, strictly speaking, but only because I knew it would be futile!)
Nor have I posted entries more often, in fact there are fewer in 2003 than there were in 2002.

But I don't need to beat up on myself (I have family for that!) so in the interests of balance I will remind myself that I sold my first piece of writing this year and made some money on investments.

And survived.

And in view of the fact that I have the luxury of a fairly secure existence, (and a huge luxury it is, I know) I will stop trying to force myself down paths that aren't right.
I'm thinking, here, of last year's job at the bank and this year's likely unsuccessful application for a tax preparer's job.

I have no regrets at all about taking the tax course - I learned what I needed to learn and more, had fun, and made two good friends - but a job did not turn out to be part of it.
I had visions of crawling in to work in jeans and a sweatshirt and sitting in a back room filling out forms on a computer with a couple of instant messenger programs running in the background, for a minimum of $12 an hour.

As it turned out, the job was to deal directly with the public, something I am not suited for, especially not at $8.50 an hour.
Even the bank paid more than that!

So I intend to keep tinkering with my investments and following my interests which at the moment are current events, history, politics and social issues; to write; and to finally get rid of the clutter, literally and metaphorically.

Direction, intentions, perhaps even a goal or two - but no resolutions!

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