November 5, 2003


Serial procrastination
That's when you have at least three tasks pending, all worthy of putting off. You do one to avoid another.
If the tasks are recurring (such as housework or writing an entry) you can keep the circle going indefinitely.

Ideally the priorities shift so that everything gets done, eventually.

I thought I had the patent rights to this concept until Rob announced that he was putting off writing a school paper by doing reading for another course. Oh well.

So right now I'm putting off doing the assignment (due Saturday) for my taxation class. It's not all THAT bad, I have started on it and have an idea of how to proceed.

The Joy Has Gone Out of It
Rob provides me with the best titles.
This one was in reference to obtaining free music.

The child (all of 19) was waxing nostalgic about the old days when he used to tape songs off the radio, much as I did at his age. He would stalk his favourite songs by tuning in for chart countdowns and feel the thrill of the catch when he nabbed one.

"It's too easy now," he says.

He still downloads but does occasionally actually purchase a CD.
And he doesn't "share" - allow others to upload from his computer.
That in itself is a moral conundrum.
He says that in not sharing he is being a "shithead" because he's only taking, not giving, and if nobody shared the system couldn't operate.
Well yes. In not SHARING he isn't contributing any further to the theft of copyrighted property.

Right result, wrong interpretation. By one of us.

What would a bowling Wednesday be without the elderly behaving badly...

This time it was the husband of a sweet (but somewhat confused) little lady well into her 70s.
He was waiting to take her home when one of her teammates politely asked him to move away because he was smoking.
He rather unpleasantly suggested that SHE move instead.

I didn't see too much of what ensued (being a coward and discreetly wandering off) but apparently he tried to intimidate the wrong teammate, things escalated, he swore at her and the manager was called in.
He then disappeared, leaving a bunch of twittering ladies who feel VERY sorry for the wife.
She admits to having put up with him for 48 years.

And for those who insist I only write for special occasions.. today (Nov. 5) is GUY FAWKES DAY, in England and wherever else they feel like lighting a bonfire and having a carnival.

Reading about the origins of this event is rather sobering, in the history-repeating-itself sense.
The celebration commemorates the arrest and subsequent execution of one of a gang of conspirators who were attempting to blow up (with gunpowder) the English Houses of Parliament and all their contents, including the King.
In 1605.
The reasons had to do with repression of Catholics by the government.

Against the state.
With religious overtones.

Linque Du Jour:   What Bird Did That?
Birds creating art in the only way they know how.

Add this one to the are they for real? file.

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