August 13, 2003

You Have Reached The End of the Internet!

Okay not exactly the end of the internet (that's here) but the latest page of my journal up to now.

This is for the brave soul who has been working his or her way through my archives (all 380 entries!) for the last couple of days.

I get tired just thinking about reliving the last four years.

So if you make it up here (or even if you cheat and skip to it) I salute you for your patience and intestinal fortitude (as my High School Principal used to say).

If you feel so inclined I'd love to hear from you by e-mail or in the Guestbook, but if you want to remain anonymous that's cool too.

In other news: We have a winner of the trivia contest in the last entry:

The question was,

What do Andre Agassi and Canada's late Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau have in common?

Answer: They both dated Barbra Streisand.

Stephanie provided the correct answer (indeed, the ONLY answer, I was hoping to get some creative guesses) and she and her research assistant win the LINK and this here GUSHING CONGRATULATORY MESSAGE:

(and Daniel! who is Canadian, albeit from Toronto but we'll try to overlook that.)

Finally I am thrilled to announce that our local paper, the Montreal Gazette, printed yet another of my letters to the editor.

This one didn't concern such weighty issues as war or the Quebec language laws; it was a response to an editorial bemoaning the public fascination with such phenomena as alien abductions, crop circles, and Elvis sightings and criticizing the CBC for running a science fiction mini-series that came across a little too realistically in the editor's opinion.

While I have never personally seen Elvis in any form except on TV, I disagreed with the basic message of the editorial which I took to be that people should be discouraged from entertaining flights of fancy.

The original editorial is here;

My letter is here.

I had been thinking about writing a letter and/or an entry about the subject of people's need for mythology ever since I saw this BBC report, proudly declaring that their team of scientists proved that the Loch Ness Monster does not exist.

She does, of course.

In our collective unconscious.

And it will take more than a few scientists to get rid of her although why they would want to is beyond me. She's generally regarded as benevolent as far as I know and quite a tourist industry has grown up around her.
Moreover, she doesn't carry cigarette ads, nor does she pollute the atmosphere with exhaust fumes or noise.

I feel like parading outside the BBC wearing a Free Nessie T-shirt, but I think this is enough for one day!

Linque Du Jour:
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