August 3, 2003


In the interests of equal time, fair play and all that, I am pleased to report that I feel better today.
Not just a little better.
WAY better.
More like myself than I have in months.

I suppose writing yesterday's entry had something to do with it. I needed to get it out. But still, the improvement is pretty amazing.

I know every day won't be as good as today, but it's encouraging to know that the good days are out there.

I felt SO good I even did some useful things today, one of which was to finally find a use for part of my cookbook collection:

(for a clearer image, please click on it!)

This might look like a simple stack of books but it is NOT, those books are stacked for a practical reason:

They are pressing my tofu.

No, I haven't gone all New Age (yet) but I have been experimenting with tofu.
About a year ago I began drinking soy milk and now I no longer feel HOT all the time. I don't know if that was a form of hot flashes or a hormonal effect, but whatever it was it's gone and I'm back to my normal state of feeling COLD all the time.
(I have no other signs of menopause except for my age and the feeling that I am extremely fed up with having to go through a period every month!)

Anyway, the tofu.

I wanted to find a good protein substitute and this would be it.
They sell it here in a one pound block, which, when you open the package, has the consistency of moist rubber.
Most of the recipes I've found in my own books and online tell you to "press" the moisture out before you use the tofu, and this recipe had specific instructions on how to do so.

If you look at the bottom of the stack of books in the photo you will see some newspaper, on top of which are some paper towels and my white cutting board.
The tofu slices are nestled snugly underneath the board.
I also like the instruction to leave it stand for "a few hours".
That is my kind of recipe.

After "a few hours" the tofu is ready for use, now having the consistency of damp styrofoam, and the taste to match. Fortunately it picks up the flavour of whatever you put in with it.

I froze half the pressed tofu for future use in a spaghetti sauce (or whatever) and ran half through my blender along with some veggies (shallots, celery, green pepper, or whatever you have lying around), some fresh parsley and dill (because I had it lying around) and a couple of spoonfuls of light mayonnaise.

It looks and even tastes a bit like egg salad.
I get four lunches out of the half pound.
It is filling and satisfying - not my mother's comfort food but mine, now.

I'm pretty sure that is the first recipe I have ever posted, and it may well be the last.

Linque Du Jour:   Incredible Tofu Spaghetti
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