April 30, 2003

Stephanie Update II

She's HOME!

I'm not sure if that's a good or bad thing.
It's good because it means everything went well;
It's bad because it's less than twenty-four hours after spinal surgery!

It's beyond me how she's able to walk around, much less even sit.
I mean, don't you need time to heal?

I've passed along all the responses I received to yesterday's entry, along with the guest book messages. I don't know when she'll be up to responding personally but I know she appreciates every one of you.

In other news:

My frenzy over current events has died down some, along with the intensity of the news itself.
It's sure to return so I'll enjoy the respite, as I'm sure some of my friends will, too.

More to follow, probably later tonight or tomorrow. Right now I just feel like settling into a soft chair, eating chocolate and waiting for Aaron Brown to appear.
On the TV.
Yeah, I wish!

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