April 29, 2003

Stephanie Update

Very close friend and fellow journaller Stephanie was scheduled to undergo spinal surgery today, to repair herniated discs which were causing her chronic, debilitating pain.

The surgery was only supposed to begin at 2 PM so I didn't expect to hear anything until at least mid-evening, and sure enough an email from one of Stephanie's daughters arrived at 9 PM to tell me that the surgery went well and she's doing "great".


Well maybe it's bad luck to "phew" this early but "phew" I will, for now.

I'll try to not get all disgusting and mushy here, but Stephanie is the girlfriend I always wanted and never found - until we met in a chat room around seven years ago.
It took some time for the friendship to develop but I knew she was a kindred spirit when she sent me a post card from a day trip to Rhode Island.
Yes that's a sort of inside joke between us which is fairly irrelevant now but at the time it was a supremely annoying thing for her to do and I loved her for it.

And typically, by the time we were done with yesterday's batch of emails, she was comforting me, telling me not to worry too much.

So for those checking this spot for news, so far so good, and I'll post updates as they come in.

The regular journal will no doubt resume soon!

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