February 22, 2003

Friday Friday Friday Friday Friday

1. What is your most prized material possession?
That's a tough one.

I guess I'm supposed to say my photo albums - which are about fifteen years behind - or rather the random stacks of photos lying around the house.

While those are important, the thing(s) I'd be the most upset at losing would be my computer(s).
Or more specifically, their hard drives.

So why don't I BACK UP once in awhile??? Good question...
2. What item, that you currently own, have you had the longest?
I still have some baby toys from my childhood - some stacking rings and a wooden puzzle and maybe a few other small things.
I must have raided my parents' house when Mark was born.
3. Are you a packrat?
Oh my yes.
I once entitled an entry to that effect.
My mother was one too. Is that a reason or an excuse?
4. Do you prefer a spic-and-span clean house? Or is some clutter necessary to avoid the appearance of a museum?
Well it appears that I prefer clutter because that's certainly what I have.
5. Do the rooms in your house have a theme? Or is it a mixture of knick-knacks here and there?
My house is done in Early Penguin.

I just love the little critters and it's made gift-giving easy for family and friends.

Besides innumerable stuffed animals and statuettes, I have mugs, calendars, key chains, a key rack mounted in the front hall, a notebook, a 3-ring binder which I use for bowling stats, a coffee thermos, a pencil case, pyjamas that don't fit me anymore, a cookie jar, fridge magnets, two jigsaw puzzles, and the piece de resistance, my very own lawn penguin!

Alphonse the lawn penguin

I used to have a bumper sticker proclaiming I brake for penguins but it stuck too well and wouldn't come off my old car when I got rid of it.

I guess I'm guilty of taking the path of least resistance when it comes to my favourite cuddly image - penguins are indisputably adorable.

Not so for Stephanie. For some unfathomable reason her fetish (!) is the pelican.

Pelicans are OK - but I wouldn't want one to marry my daughter. Consider what my grandchildren might look like.

But Stephanie has taken the high road and fallen in love with the (arguably) unlovable.

There aren't many places in the world where it's possible to take a photo of a penguin and pelican together; the Galapagos Islands may be the only one. (As usual I'm too lazy to check.)

I found this photo at Webshots.
Don't they make a lovely pair?

Linque Du Jour:   Giant Steps
Sasha's back with a brand-spanking new journal!
(She didn't actually go anywhere, at least not that I know of, but in any case, she's back!)
Awesome background photo, too. Too bad I'm not male... or gay.

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