December 28, 2002

Friday Five Year-End

1. What was your biggest accomplishment this year?
Oh that's a no-brainer! Getting a job, and not only a job, a full-time job in a new field at the age of 51!
Of course I had help, being acquainted with the Bank Manager, but I don't consider it any less of an accomplishment because of that.
She could have merely agreed to give me a reference as I asked, instead of offering me a chance to work right then and there!

2. What was your biggest disappointment?
I don't know.

I hate to dwell on negatives because once you start it tends to escalate into a full-fledged wallow.

My biggest disappointment of 2002, specifically?
(As opposed to the rest of my life?)

My kids?
Nope, they're ok.

My marriage?
No, that's for the years 1976-2001.

The stock market?
It didn't help.

No coffee breaks at work?
I got used to it.
I get the coffee, just not the breaks.

The failure of certain online friendships to mature into something else?
It's all turning out for the best.
(Friendships. More than one. To whomsoever it may concern, just chill.)

The state of the world?
That's a contender but for now my head is firmly in the sand, focusing on more personal issues.

So, for my biggest disappointment of 2002 I'd have to settle on the apparently declining state of my relationship with my oldest friend in the world.

That and the fact that he almost died last summer, on another continent.
That we haven't seen each other in going on ten years.
That we can't seem to shake the bullshit out and be honest.
Or at least HE can't.
It seems he's stopped talking to me again.

Why do I even still care?
Good question...
The short answer is because he is my oldest friend.
The long answer is for another time.

3. Will you be making any New Year's resolutions?
I don't know.
I'll be writing about that next week so I'll defer the subject until then.

4. Where will you be at midnight? Do you wish you could be somewhere else?
I will be trying to stay awake, alone in my basement, either in bed or at the computer.

The kids will probably be out and the Housemate will probably be in his room asleep with the door closed, as he was last year.

Somewhere else?
Well I guess I could be somewhere else if I wanted to be.

We've spent so many New Years away from home (on vacation) that I don't mind being snug and safe in my house without the burden of being sociable.

To me the question is not so much WHERE I am but with whom.
I'd like to be indoors so the geographic location isn't too relevant.
A nice rustic atmosphere with a fireplace and lots of soft blankets and a hot guy, that might be nice.

Barring that scenario, I'm just as happy to be here!

5. Aside from (possibly) staying up late, do you have any other New Year's traditions?

I've never been one to want to be out on the roads with the drunks, paying ridiculous prices at restaurants and feeling sick the next day.

The best New Year's I can remember was, appropriately, 1999-2000, strolling around Fort Lauderdale with friends, just enjoying the festive atmosphere.

The worst was 1995-1996 when we spent the evening with family in upstate NY, and there were two dogs and a bird in the small house.
There was nowhere for me to go, and I wheezed for days afterwards.

In fact, after we returned to the hotel that night, I couldn't sleep so I hung out in the lobby and was fascinated to see (particularly) women, who must have been partying in the hotel bars, walking around on their ankles, unable to balance on their spike heels, looking dreadful despite the care they obviously took with their clothing and makeup that night.

I never was much of a drinker but that was a sight I won't soon forget.

Mystery Photo
mystery photo

What is it?

Well, it is not:

  • a sea creature (which would have been my guess!)
  • a handle
  • something happy to see Stephanie
  • a milk splatter
  • an egg on its way to a fallopian tube (!!)

The prize (a link! what else?) goes to Rick who came closest by guessing *really* small hail!
It would take another Canadian to know SNOW when he sees it!

The photo came from this page which was linked from this site, The National Snow and Ice Data Center, which I was going to use as a Linque du Jour but since I have another one for today, will just be a regular linque.

Enjoy yourself, Stephanie!

Linque Du Jour:   Orwell's prophecies ring true
This freelance article by Julius Grey, a well-known Montreal activist/lawyer, appeared in our paper yesterday. I comes under the heading of Stuff I wish I'd written.

I don't agree with all of it but near the end it does reflect my views on the teaching of history in schools.
That bee has been in my bonnet for so long, I should try to do something about it again.

In any case, this article is well worth the read!

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