November 30, 2002

Saturday Morning

So here I am, 8:15 on a Saturday morning.
Bleary-eyed but adequately slept after eight hours.
Housemate is out*, kiddies are still asleep as every normal person should be at this hour.

I wake up for work around 6:45 AM but don't resent it. (Yet?)
(I really don't need to get up THAT early but I must have my morning email, stats and news check!)
I can't keep my eyes open much past 11 PM.
8 AM is sleeping "in".
No more 2 AM surfing, for now.
Three weeks into my new life as a bank employee (teller, to be specific) the learning curve is beginning to level off.
(Beginning. It's now at a place where I can absorb it as it comes rather than sort out what I have to know NOW and what they're going to have to teach me again later.)

I'm full time, which means I'm at my wicket whenever the bank is open except for lunch hour, and dinner hour on Thursday.
They don't believe in coffee breaks, or chairs for tellers.
My body is starting to get used to standing all day but it was a little rough at first.

They do believe in free unlimited coffee, loads of positive reinforcement, patience and even affection.
Considering I was a client for years, the staff (now my peers) have accepted me wonderfully.

Why wouldn't they?
Who knows.. I've heard enough work place horror stories, and experienced my own in other lives, to not be optimistic about these things.
And I'm sure I'll discover some undercurrents in time but so far it's really one big happy family.

Yes I know how lucky I am.
To have a job at all.
To have a full time job.
To have a job I can walk to if I choose, and go home for lunch from.
To have a job that I'm suited for, that involves computers, money, and the public.

The public is always good entertainment, and since my encounters are brief, even the negative ones are tolerable. There aren't too many negative ones anyway, and they're more humourous to me than anything else.

Like the middle aged man, who had to have been on speed or something, who was entertaining the lineup (out the door at the time - it was welfare cheque day) by loudly declaring he did NOT pay service charge for his transactions because he was "handicapped".

It was clear that the handicap was not physical and I could feel the suppressed giggles of dozens around me. In fact, if I had time and knew how I'd have left this note in his file:

"Client claims to be retarded."

Unfortunately, (or perhaps fortunately for the sake of my continued employment) leaving messages in the file is one of the things they have to teach me again.
(I did reverse his charges. The bank prefers to lose a few dollars and keep clients happy. Or at least, keep clients, period.)

I also now know how lucky I am to have been given the chance to acquire new skills at my age.
At 51 I am by far the oldest employee, even five years older than the manager.
Most of the others are in their thirties, and some in their twenties.

The women I work closest to have young children and ailing parents and grandparents. They are torn in all directions.
They have to go home from work at 6 PM and make dinner.
I am so spoiled. Yes I know.
The Housemate cooks passably well and likes to do it.
The kids hate everything either of us makes.

I still do the laundry.
I like throwing a batch of stuff in the machine, turning it on, and feeling that I've accomplished something.

This month, I think I have accomplished something.

The Housemate is out so early on a Saturday because he and his cronies volunteer at the annual Telethon for the Foundation for Research into Children's Diseases.

Both French and English television stations are involved, and it draws well-known local celebrities in the entertainment and sports worlds. H's group is involved in providing food for the volunteers (including themselves) and he does have a grand old time.
Gets him out of the house during the golf off-season, too.

Linque Du Jour:   Philosophy Games
Quizzes from Philosopher's Magazine.

To be honest, I haven't checked these out yet. I wanted to get the entry up first, while the house is still quiet. These are some of the choices:

Interactive Philosophy Quiz - Test your knowledge of philosophy in this interactive quiz. See if you can silence your computer opponent.

Battleground God - Will your beliefs about God and religion survive on our intellectual battlefield? Now's your chance to find out!

Shakespeare vs. Britney Spears- What is art? Which artists produce the greatest works of art? Discover the answers here.

So you think you're logical? Maybe we're not quite as logical as we like to think we are!

Very intriguing!

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