November 6, 2002


Yes, I got the job!

I start next Tuesday - Monday is a bank holiday for Remembrance Day in Canada.

Monday to Friday, 9:15 to 5:30 plus Thursday evenings.

The three week delay by the bank in approving me turned out to be for the best. During that time I came to realize how much I wanted and needed to be back out in the world AND earning a salary.

In fact, I don't know why it took me this long.

Inertia, most likely.
Or maybe it's just the right place at the right time.
Stuff happens like that, occasionally.

So I start off training as a teller. The first three months is probation, and after that the benefits kick in, as I understand it.
I'm really not too clear on what the benefits are - the manager mentioned something about health insurance and discounts on the bank's stock.
And courses given by the bank to qualify for promotions.

So I might not only have a job here - I might have a late-in-life career!

I've already had retirement and frankly I think it sucks.

We'll see how long that sentiment lasts.

My kids are about to lose their perceived indentured servant (and not a moment too soon) and I'm about to acquire one:
The Housemate, having nothing better to do now that golf season is (mostly) over, agreed to take on most of the housework.
It will pretty much be as it was during the times my father was hospitalized - only I get my weekends off, which I didn't then.
Not to mention a lot less worrisome.

So, I'll be in a structured working environment (as opposed to home, where interruptions and unreasonable demands are the rule) making money, preparing for my own future, and with maid service to boot!
Plus, virtually zero commute time and the comfort of working in my own community, for now anyway.

My nature is to wait for the other shoe to drop - but I have such a good feeling about all this, and it certainly is time to arrange my life to suit me.

If things keep up like this, I might even have to rename the journal!

Later the same day:

As I was writing the above, the bank manager called to ask me to drop in this afternoon for some paperwork and to meet the staff.
She gave me homework!
Booklets to read and forms to fill out.
The staff, some of whom I know and all of whom at least look familiar, was wonderfully welcoming and friendly. The branch is inhabited mostly by women, but two men work there, both named "George".
That will make one thing easy anyway!

I got to stand behind the counter and contemplate how different is the view.

The tour also included the lunch room, with fridge, toaster and microwave, and most important, COFFEE MACHINE!
There's also a small TV (but no cable).
And I know where the bathroom is now.
That's crucial at my age.

I think that bank now has the happiest teller - oops, I mean CUSTOMER SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE - in the province!
Maybe even the country!

Of course it's not the job itself - I'd have been just as happy to be a secretary or a lab technician as I was in a previous life, or anything I'm qualified for or could learn to do.
It's what it stands for, and what earning my own money represents.

After 51 years of being my father's daughter and then my husband's wife, I am becoming me.

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