October 24, 2002

Is It Over?

One reason for my lack of updates this past week was my disinclination to tear myself away from the TV.
News junkie that I've become in my old age, I've been riveted by the DC sniper story.

As I write this it appears to be over, with the arrest of two men.
It's going to take awhile to learn if it really is over and if these two men are the beginning and end of it but I'll save my conspiracy theories for another time.

What made the story all the more fascinating for us (my family) is that we're familiar with most of the locales involved.
For several years in the mid-1990s we had close relatives living in the Rockville MD area. We spent a week there one December, in a motel just off Route 270.
(A motel as opposed to staying with our family because they had animals to which I'm allergic; also, the motel had an indoor pool and exercise room, perfect for my active offspring.)
We also spent the night in the area two other times, on the way to or from Florida.
I liked it well enough there. I certainly felt safe - as safe as I feel anywhere, which is pretty safe. Usually.

On two other occasions we stayed at motels very close to the gas station in Fredericksburg VA where one shooting took place, and we ate several times in Ashland.

OK it's not exactly living there but I can visualize the neighbourhood, which brings it home more than if I'd never been anywhere near it.

Lately, when I go out, I try to imagine how I'd feel if I were there.

For instance, today I had occasion to walk from building to building at a sprawling outdoor mall.
Cutting across a not-very-full parking lot.
Alone, on foot.
My mind reflected that I'd be an easy target. Yet, I wasn't scared.

Try as I might, I can't relate to how it must feel to have to run from house to car and to want to duck down low while filling my tank.
I worry a little more about my children, who are out in the world but that's a passing moment of paranoia rather than a full-blown panic.
Of course I realize this could and even MIGHT happen here. Or anywhere. It's something I can't wrap my brain around until I have to, nor should I, arguably.
After all, to have me do that would be the goal of terrorism.

For an account of what it's actually been like to live in the DC area, go check out Michael Hardy's entry.

In other news:

I'm still not-quite-employed, as the Big Canadian Bank is taking its time in checking out my references, according to one of them (my references) who called me today to ask what he should say (!) and also according to the Manager who is anxious to get back to full staff.
And now we're into Canada Savings Bond redemption season so they won't have time to train me until mid-November.
IF I'm approved.

Oh well, a bit more leisure time to contemplate my next move if this doesn't come through.

And on the MY BABY front:

MY SON THE BOWLER (Mark) did the following, scratch (no handicap) in league play on Wednesday night:




for a total of 725.

Yes, I taught him everything he knows!

Linque Du Jour:   Google News
Regular web search engines can't keep up with the latest headlines.
This isn't the first news search tool - dogpile.com, ask.com and excite.com have them and those are just the ones I know about - but Google (as in its main site) remains fasting-loading and easiest to use.
They also concentrate on the time stamp of the stories so that you can quickly put information in order (not to mention perspective).
Furthermore this is only the beta version. Looks great so far.

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