October 13, 2002

Thanksgiving IV

Canadian Thanksgiving is tomorrow, Monday October 14.

So I'm trying to write a Thanksgiving entry.
I write one every year because, even though we don't celebrate it as a family, I think the concept is important.

Only problem is, the entry keeps veering off into rants and gripes.

Oh I know I have plenty to be thankful for... I guess other things are just uppermost in my mind right now.

So lets try again.

I am thankful for:

My health.

That is after all the most important thing, my health and that of my kids.

My kids.

Even though they're both not too thrilled with me at the moment:

Mark because I relieved him of computer privileges (they are after all MY computers) for some period between three weeks and forever, after he had a tantrum worthy of someone a tenth of his age (21) because the computer needed rebooting but he "didn't want to give in to it."
Rob because I took him out to lunch, the only way I can get him as a captive audience, in order to discuss with him his methods of relating to people which are becoming more and more controlling and manipulative.
(I don't pretend to have made a dent in his psyche but I hope I laid a seed someplace. If not, at least I tried.)

My friends.

Stephanie tops the list.
I only wish I'd had a friend like her when I was younger but I'm very thankful that I do now.

Annie, who is going to MURDER me if I get the job I wrote about in the previous entry (I'm supposed to find out next week) and therefore need to quit the bowling league.
That would leave her alone on our team with "the Witch".
Actually I've grown rather fond of "the Witch" in a perverted sort of way. I find her infinitely more tolerable than several other ladies in the league who would fall under the heading of "Shit Disturber". Such as Phyllis, who CONSTANTLY asks me what my "husband" thinks of this or that, emits loud screeches when she bowls well (or very badly) and picks fights with "the Witch" even though she can't possibly win.
"The Witch", evil as she is, is real. You gotta respect that.

Esther, who as I've said before, understands my solitary (bordering on anti-social) ways and doesn't take them personally.

Ms. Bank Manager, who is willing to traverse the potential minefield of hiring a friend.

Lucy, my hairdresser, who risked life and limb by giving me what I needed rather than what I wanted.

Alvin, who also gave me what I needed but unfortunately fell short of inspiring me to revise my rather unfavourable opinion of man-kind.
He does make me laugh though and that's important.

Jeremy, who chose to identify himself in my forum and who will no doubt soon stop talking to me (again) when I tell him (again) what I think of how he's running his life.

The Housemate. For taking out an unlimited-play weekday membership in a local public golf course this summer. Ah, peace and quiet.

Mr. Anonymous (who I'm sure prefers to remain that way) who is the ONLY ONE of this sorry lot of men who remembered my birthday. October 2.
(Even if he had to use a calendar reminder to do it.)

Finally, my notify list - for giving me an ego boost just by being there.

Special mention goes to this journal.
For waiting patiently while I went through the hiatus phase all last spring and most of the summer. For still being there and accepting me unconditionally, without reproach. You are one of the best things I ever did for myself.

Linque Du Jour:   Celebriducks
This one leaves me speechless!

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