October 4, 2002

Sign Me Up...


Fellow Montreal-area journaller Marn recently gave birth to the idea of an INTERNATIONAL CAVORTING DAY.

Marn says "we need this in our lives".

We sure do.

Over the past few days word has spread (or cavorted) through the journalling community, until it finally reached my eyes, courtesy of Stephanie's latest entry.

I think it's also worth mentioning that this idea was born on none other than my birthday, Oct. 2.
That alone should give me a free pass into the hall of fame.

But I come by my membership honestly.

Okay the last time I seriously cavorted was almost a year ago but it was one hell of a cavort.

Sure, I'm 51 now and slowed down a bit.. tendonitis all over the place and an aversion to walking uphill which can seriously impede your progress in a city built on a small mountain (or very large hill).. but cavorting comes in many forms.

The dictionary says:
ca·vort Pronunciation Key (k-vôrt)
intr.v. ca·vort·ed, ca·vort·ing, ca·vorts
To bound or prance about in a sprightly manner; caper.
To have lively or boisterous fun; romp: The children cavorted in the water, splashing and ducking each other.

Well "sprightly" I ain't. Probably never was.
But I can prance at my own speed, like I do daily when I chase my kids around the house for a hug and a chomp.
Yeah I still chomp my kids. So?

It might be said I cavort at bowling, when I do my STRIKE DANCE.. but not nearly as often as I'd like.

I remember some really great cavorts - when the kids were little, at several different water parks.
You couldn't get me off of those twisting slides.
Then there was one time we spent a weekend in Lake Placid and they had some weird kind of floating thing where you stood on it and held onto a rope and balanced on the water.
It was way bigger than a surfboard.
I loved it!

The aforementioned mountain was good for many a cavort, in all seasons.
One of my favourite (ancient) memories is cutting classes and sledding down one of the smaller slopes - on then-boyfriend's book pack.
We took turns going down until we wore it down to the shape of a ski jump and flew right off the end - and then down, thump!

I also remember making some X-rated snowmen (and ladies) from that same winter.

Yup, raging hormones are a great cavorting aid.

Linque Du Jour:   Mean Kitty Gallery!
Not to be confused with previous Linques du Jour, My Cat Hates You and Live Nude Cats, this site has not only a gallery of mean kitty portraits, but also a postcard form, an advice column, an animation of kitty dancing to the Bee Gees, (cavorting!) and links to pages of similar nonsense.

Pretty cool!

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