September 22, 2002

Blue Blooded?

My 18 year old son Robert (a.k.a. Rob to his friends, and "Robness" to his groupies) came home with pierced ears yesterday.

While that isn't a really big deal as piercings go these days, it is amusing, at least to me.

This is a child who cannot tolerate any insult to his body whatsoever.

This child, at age 9 or 10, fainted after having the pin-prick allergy tests on his arm.

This child, at age 11, fainted in school upon watching a video in science class. It had something to do with blood, I was told.
Fainted, on the floor, boom.
They called me, I had to come to the school, and take him to the doctor who examined him and then, in good humour, laughed at him.

This child would do everything he could to avoid taking vaccinations in school when they were offered, preferring to have me hold his hand (and arm, and head, and the rest of him) in the doctor's office.

And at age 15 when he was six foot tall and needed a blood test to see if he had mono (which he didn't) INSISTED on going to the CHILDREN'S hospital, an hour's drive away, because he thought they'd give him a fingertip blood test instead of drawing blood from a vein. (They didn't.)

So this child casually went off downtown with his friend (who had his own ears done last week) and came home with two earrings!

I'm surprised he let them do both sides.

He said he could hear the CRUNCH of the cartilage as they "slammed the needle through".

He said he had to lie down for awhile after.

That I can believe!

But he is after all in a punk band and one must have piercings. The singer has several, the most notable (that I know of!) being a nipple ring.
He's the only person I know (that I know of!) with a nipple ring.
I'm still trying to find out what he was thinking.

Of course I didn't notice the earrings at first.. I was in the driver's seat picking him up from in front of the restaurant where the friend works.
The friend and Rob chatted with me.. then Rob got into the back seat because his brother happened to be in the car with me.
The friend just sort of stood there as I drove off, and then I heard Mark say quietly, "Robert got his ears pierced!"
I slammed on the brakes and wheeled around to look, and besides the little barbell-style earrings, saw the friend down the street doubled over with laughter at my reaction.
Oh well, I aim to amuse.

So the poor child is wandering through the house all day whining "it hurts" and soaking his earlobes in salt solutions and swabbing them with alcohol and repeatedly asking why the blood that's oozing out of one earlobe only, is blue.

He even took one of my powder compacts so he could check his ears in school tomorrow without having to go into a bathroom.

And oh yes I'm supposed to check him as he sleeps to make sure he doesn't bleed to death.

I can only imagine the fuss if he were female and had a period...

And on a somewhat more serious note:

Two months ago I wrote about an old friend who was seriously ill.
He's still recovering and has posted his own update on my forum.
I wonder if that would qualify as a "guest entry"? Why not..

Linque Du Jour:   The Universe of Cows
This one's for Doug.
They aren't "mythical" cows but I hope they'll do!

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