August 11, 2002

Driving Me Crazy

1. Do you have a car? If so, what kind of car is it?

I have a 1989 Mazda that I inherited from my Uncle in 1995;
Housemate has a 1991 Camry wagon. Yes we are ever au courant.

2. Do you drive very often?

Often, yes, almost every day. Far, no. Mostly around my suburb but I venture out too.

3. What's your dream car?

I really don't know. I've never thought much about cars. As long as it runs and is reliable and is mine (as opposed to having to beg it from someone) I don't care.
I'm intrigued by the electric and hybrid cars. Using less gas appeals to me, and electricity is inexpensive and plentiful in Quebec.

4. Have you ever received a ticket?

Oh yes. Quite a few parking tickets through the years and a few moving violations. Offhand I remember at least two stop signs (but there must have been more) and an illegal left turn at a busy downtown intersection where the motorcycle cop was just waiting for me around the bend.
One thing they probably won't get me for is speeding.

5. Have you ever been in an accident?

I've never been injured in an accident but have been in several.

While driving, I've caused many a dent and scrape to various parts of my cars - I remember one from a wrought iron fence, on the car door (my father rolled his eyes but the car was old so we didn't get it fixed); more recently, a couple of fender mishaps on inanimate objects and a couple of too-close encounters with trucks.

It's always trucks.

Shortly after I inherited the car in 1995, I was in a mall parking lot waiting to turn left; a BIG truck crossed my path and took out one headlight and did some minor body damage. At least it was at very low speed! I got to sit up in the cab of the truck with the driver while we exchanged information, and then, on my way home, was ticketed for running a stop sign.
I didn't venture out again that day!

Last year a smaller truck scraped my fender while I was trying to exit a parallel parking spot in heavy traffic. Housemate fixed that one up with duct tape.

While a passenger, I've been in several as well, but none serious. The most notable was with then-boyfriend (now Housemate) on a sunny winter afternoon. We were driving in the rural outskirts of Montreal, and he bent over to kiss me (he claims) and the next thing I knew, we ended up in a ditch! It was a challenge finding help in rural Quebec on a Sunday but somehow we got towed out. That car lasted us a few more years, until Mark was almost one.

Coincidentally, my son Mark had his first driving lesson today. Both kids took theory classes and passed that test last week, so they have their learner's permits.
For days before the lesson he walked around the house murmuring, "I hope they don't take me out on the road the first time!" and asking me questions like, "How do you turn on the car?", "Is the brake on the left or the right?" and "How hard do you press on the gas?"

As it turns out they didn't take him on the road yet, but stayed in a parking lot, learning to park. He says he only had to use the gas pedal a few times.

More adventures to follow, I'm sure.

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