July 1, 2002

Friday Five & Canada Day

When was the last time you...

1. ...sent a handwritten letter?

Probably about eight or nine years ago.

2. ...baked something from scratch or made something by hand?

I was never into arts and crafts but I did love to bake (weird, considering I HATE to cook) and even baked our own bread for awhile.
From scratch. No machine.
Me, a table, and a long-handled wooden spoon.
Every once in awhile I go out and buy yeast but nothing ever comes of it. The last time I baked is probably a year or two ago - the kids even want store-bought birthday cakes now. Oh well.

3. ...camped in a tent?

And we're going to keep it that way.

4. ...volunteered your time to church, school, or community?

It's been a year (unless you count putting up with the characters at bowling) but for awhile, when the kids were much smaller (ten to fifteen years ago) I went through a PILLAR OF THE COMMUNITY phase. It started with a local branch of a library and blossomed - it seems committees multiply like rabbits.
Most recently I served on the Governing Board of Rob's high school, until he graduated.

5. ...helped a stranger?

I do that when it's called for - I can't specifically remember the last time. I know I've called 911 on several occasions when I've seen accidents or noticed people wandering on expressways. I hold doors open and pick up stuff if people drop it, and offer to help if a woman is having trouble managing her kids and her purchases.

The best thing I ever did, to my mind, was rescue a woman from drowning in my father's condo pool in Florida. She was floating face down and people were beginning to notice.. I turned her over (she started to cough, THANK THE LORD!) and helped haul her out of the pool. Someone had called 911 and they carted her off to hospital.

According to my father (who was acquainted with her, although I wasn't so technically she qualifies as a stranger) she refused to admit she had been in danger. Denial, I suppose. That doesn't bother me because I know what happened and there were plenty of witnesses. Last I heard she was still alive but that was several years ago. (The rescue was in 1992 if I remember correctly.)

Linque Du Jour:   My Own Canada Day Entry from 2000
(Yeah, scraping the bottom of the barrel in linking my own site. Actually I'm too lazy to go trolling for weird sites and I did want to reference this, so...)

Monday is Canada Day (in Canada, duh!) and we are 135.
You know you're old when you remember the Centennial like it was yesterday but it was 35 years ago.

Of course Canadians are somewhat more patriotic this year. More flags are being sold and flown, according to a news report I saw on TV. I would even consider sporting one in Quebec if I felt so inclined.

In some previous years that might not have been prudent.

The decrease in apathy is reflected in my kids' own plans: Rob and friends "might" (all kids' plans are "might" until the last moment!) go to the Old Port of Montreal;
it seems like not so long ago that I was sitting there on a bench with my lover on a grey November morning.

But I digress...

...and Mark and friends "might" go to the Centre de la Nature, a large park in Laval, for festivities and fireworks a little closer to home.

Crowds and festivities don't tempt me, especially in 90 degree heat and high humidity. I'm very content to be comfortable in my air conditioned home, read, watch TV and/or go online. I recently started playing backgammon again at the zone.
I love that game - the rules are simple, the strategy is as complex as you want to make it, and it's at least as violent as chess.
What more do you need?

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