June 20, 2002

Allergic to Sweat?

I really believe in the saying, "don't sweat the small stuff".
My logical mind believes it and I try to live by it.
The crux, of course, is one's definition of "small stuff".

I can't go so far as to say "it's ALL small stuff". When one is a parent, big stuff exists. Still, the definition varies greatly.

For instance...

To a certain parent who shall remain nameless but resides in this house and isn't me... to this parent, spending too much time in the shower or leaving a coke can on the kitchen counter is big stuff, while cavorting all over town with people who smoke weed, drink, have multiple piercings, and heaven-only-knows-who is driving, is not.
Or at least, he sleeps soundly during those times.

But this is going way off topic, which was supposed to be spyware on my computer. Can't you tell?

So, about the small stuff...

Unless it has to do with health issues or criminal activities (or both) I usually don't get too bent out of shape over what my kids do - or don't do.

Until it affects my computers.

I am the paranoid overprotective parent when it comes to my computers.

My hard drive is neater than my house and I clean sweep it more often.
I surf through Windows Explorer looking for unfamiliar programs.
I scandisk and defrag - not regularly but I DO it.
I keep my virus definitions up to date.
I run Norton Internet Security with the firewall at the highest level. That drives my kids crazy (which to me is a good thing.)

So imagine my surprise, shock, and horror when I sat down at the desktop computer (unlike some people, I haven't gone so far as to NAME my computers yet although I do name my stuffed penguins) to find the EVIL icon of the EVIL comet cursor right there plain as day snuggled down on the toolbar (the right-hand part) in between the UD agent and MSN messenger icons.

It had no shame.

I had encountered this aberration before and always (I thought) successfully removed it but it keeps coming back.
Recently I had also seen signs of GATOR and BONZI BUDDY and removed them as best I could (not nearly well enough!) too.

Having a vague notion that spyware had finally caught up with me, courtesy of ROB and his EVIL MUSIC DOWNLOADING HABITS, I did a quick web search to find a solution, which brought me to Ad-aware and their removal utility.

It agrees with my computer, and it works - for the most part.

But it doesn't prevent the CHILD from downloading the EVIL PROGRAMS once again.

As I write this, the rest of the family is attending a football game (Montreal Alouettes!) so I took the opportunity to remove MOST of the offending programs from the computer. These included Kazaa, Grokster, and Morpheus, not to mention the remains of Napster.

I am in big trouble when he gets home.

I printed out some information from this site to use as ammunition; but at worst I will have to pull rank - something that I hate to do. I learned early on at my mother's knee that it is MUCH easier to sneak around and do what I want unchallenged than to confront issues head on. At least it was with her.

But he's bound to notice the absence of his free music trough.

Repeating to myself:

It is MY computer.
I can choose what I want to have or not have on it.
If you don't like it you can get your own computer and fill it with all the shit and viruses you want, just like your friends do.

Small stuff?
In the global scheme of things, of course.
But it's an issue I can do something about.
And it's MY computer!

One of these days I intend to write an entry with NO LINKS.
Maybe that'll be the departure from the norm entry for the Random Acts collab.
(Looks like I can hardly write a SENTENCE without a link anymore!)

Linque Du Jour:   Song Clip
As long as we're talking about music...
This link will provide you with a 30 second clip of My Baby the Rock Star's band's song which appears on a compilation CD put out by Musique Plus, Quebec's answer to MTV.

It's punk.
I know.
But My Baby (aka the EVIL CHILD) plays a mean bass guitar!

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