June 14, 2002

He's Very Clean

I think I'm really back this time. Really.
We'll see if I can manage more than one or two entries a month...

Seeing as it's Friday, let's start with the Friday Five, one of several new (?) collabs that sprang up while I wasn't looking.

1. How often do you do laundry?

Almost every day. The machines are just off the kitchen and throwing in a load makes me feel like the day hasn't been a complete waste.

2. What's in a typical wash load?

Uhhh dirty stuff?

3. Front or top loader? Powder or liquid detergent?

Top; powder.

4. Do you use fabric softener in the rinse cycle?

Well that depends.
Mark likes it on his clothes; Rob doesn't. I like it on my fuzzy sweaters and not much else.
So whether I add it depends on who has the most stuff in the load and/or whom I'm most annoyed with at the moment.

If I'm going to use the dryer (see below) I'll add dryer sheets instead; they work great, are re-usable several times, and aren't blamed for accelerating fires, as the liquids may be.

5. Dryer or clothesline?

Dryer for towels; they come out like cardboard on the line.
Dryer for socks and underwear unless I'm really ambitious.
Clothesline whenever possible otherwise. It reduces wrinkles and gives the clothes that outdoor scent, especially when someone nearby is barbecuing!
When the kids were little I liked to linger on the balcony, hanging out tiny socks one at a time - is there any other way? - because it felt like an outing.

Line drying hasn't been without its adventures.
Occasionally I have to comb the neighbourhood for wayward items blown off by sudden winds;
Of course there is the hazard of evil-doer birds, who several times a season send me muttering back to the washer with a short-lived resolution to use only the dryer from now on...
The clothesline spiders, who only come out at night and remain on the wash if I forget to bring it in until the next day;
And the hoodlums who ripped some of the kids' team t-shirts off my line back about nine or ten years ago, the night the Montreal Canadiens last won the Stanley Cup.

I also have to believe that line drying is easier on the fabric... you never heard of clothesline lint, have you?

Speaking of which...

Way back in November 2000, in a moment of insanity, I wrote about dryer lint; sort of a web review of pages about the stuff.
It still seems to stand as the definitive reference page for the subject and has attracted a steady trickle of hits.. until a few days ago when the trickle became a torrent.

Seems I've been linked over here
and over here
in a couple of useless site listings...

(Is a page linking other useless pages, itself useless?)

...causing about a ten-fold spike in my stats.

I always knew I'd be famous one day.

Linque Du Jour:   Water Lilly Alley
Alvin continues to be too much.

In fact I've been sitting here for ten minutes trying to think of a way to explain Alvin's journal.
He's either a genius, a raving lunatic, or both.

For instance:

- his take on the recent spate of reunion shows on TV;
- Food poisoning, the recent scandal in the Catholic Church, ex-wives and haircuts, all neatly tied together;
- Today's Friday Five - even laundry can be sexy...
- and my personal favourite from back in October 2000.

And be sure to join his notify list so that you too can have messages like this waiting to pounce on you from your mailbox:

OkÖ itís that time of the year again: Yes Iím talking about the Semi Annual WLA Pledge Drive 2002: Now we all know that this diary thing takes up a lot of time. And not just only time, lest I mention all the pain and effort that it requires to run my life through the WLA Liferator and have it processed and filtered for your readability and personal enjoyment.

And what do I get in returnÖ Well if the planets are aligned and weather permitting I may receive an email telling me: Mr. WLA if it werenít for your diary my kids would still be using drugs but after reading just three of your entries they have not only remained abstinent from drugs but my daughter is no longer having unprotected sex.

So loyal and faithful readers I only ask that in order to keep WLA on the wire that you recommend this site to at least one person that you know.

Spread the joy and God Bless George W. Bush. USA, USA, USA, USA.

Mr. WLA.

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