June 1, 2002

A Gaggle of Groupies

May 26:

My baby the rock star performed last evening with his band at a small club in downtown Montreal. Parents were strictly forbidden to attend, aside from those of the drummer, who is still only 15 and whose father is in the music business anyway.

The reason given was that the place was a disgusting hole-in-the-wall and parents just don't belong there.
For our own protection, of course.

At least Mark was allowed to attend, which he did with a batch of friends, including a new female companion who he claims is "just a friend".
She's tall with long straight blonde hair, and when she's outside waiting for him in her car she looks to me for all the world like the blonde in "American Graffiti" (who, according to the movie credits, was played by Suzanne Somers.
Now do I feel old or what...)
Only this car is not a T-bird, but a small compact. Hey you can't have everything...

And oh yeah she's four years older than he is.
After all, when I met Future-Hubby-Present-Housemate, I was 19 and he was 23. Nobody thought anything of it so why should this be any different?

Getting back to the show, all reports are that it was a big success and the girls were falling over themselves. "Hot" girls, too.
Rob signed autographs, some of which were on various female body parts, and had an entourage of girls swarming over him outside the club. Amazingly, in the middle of his account of the events said to me that he knew that if he wasn't up there on the stage they'd never look at him twice, and he wasn't sure how he felt about that.
But that meanwhile he'd take what he could get.

I love being able to say, "My baby the rock star". I just love it.

June 1:

The groupies continue to sniff around, phoning our home (one at 1 AM last week!) and Rob's cell phone. He isn't resisting too hard, and has picked one out as a "REALLY hotgirl". (Hotgirl is one word in my household.)

And while I wasn't updating, Mark turned 21. Last year's birthday entry is here: Since I haven't quite got up the courage to post the birth photos (yet) I don't have too much to add. Except...
My baby the adult! sniff...

In other news:

There seems to be some creepy virus going around that pulls e-mail addresses out of the infected computer's browser cache and/or address book and sends itself to those addresses.. but also makes it appear as though one of the other addresses is the sender. If you look at the message headers, though, you can tell what ISP it's really coming from.

I know of at least one person who's received this kind of mail, purportedly from my address, and I've received dozens from various people, some of whom I know and some I don't, but all originating from one of only three ISPs.

The message is often blank and there's an attachment of between 100-150k in size along with it. Just delete it. I don't send out attachments casually and if you're not expecting one from me, don't touch that e-mail!

And keep your virus definitions up to date as well. If anything is well worth the money, those are.

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