April 30, 2002

My Baby the Rock Star!

I haven't written much about Rob's band lately...
(I haven't written much, PERIOD but that's beside the point.)
... not because nothing was happening, but because things are beginning to happen. It's a question of privacy - mine - what little is left of it. I don't want the groupies to find my page while searching for the band, thus, I won't mention their name here.

But I just can't contain myself any longer.

What's happening is, they managed to get one of their songs on a punk rock compilation CD put out by Musique Plus, which is the Quebec equivalent of Much Music, which is the Canadian equivalent of MTV.
The CD came out today, and Rob and the guitarist flew straight to the music store after school, to find it actually on display.

What a trip that must have been!

They get complimentary copies but I had them buy one anyway, for Stephanie. I think she actually LIKES this stuff.

I found the CD online, here: the song in question is the 16th listed.
It's an original song despite the common title.
They also have a few gigs lined up, notably this one.

As it turns out, their mentors/producers/managers are doing quite well for themselves and plan to take Rob's band with them. (Not literally - yet - but as in up the ladder of success!)

It freaks me out to see Rob's guitar teacher in a music video and to know he's touring North America and soon, Europe! I've made it very clear that if Rob's band tours, I am so there. After all, every punk rock band needs a designated mother.

And oh yeah, they even get a few dollars for being on the compilation, so Rob is now officially a professional musician! My baybeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

In other news...
Well there isn't really any, unless you want to hear me whine about the pulled muscle in my back (actual medical diagnosis by my doctor: "You did something to it.") or the seven inches of snow that fell here on Sunday.

We in the Montreal area just love our weather, as evidenced by this quote from our paper in the report on the storm:

You might have thought you were in Dante's ninth circle of hell - a frozen space reserved for traitors - when you looked out the window this morning and saw a wet, snowy landscape.

We love our drama, too.

In other other news (aka meta-news):

The ol' guestmap seems to have run its course - unfortunately the entries cycle out with time. So I've opened an actual guestbook for comments, especially those that are normally sent in by email which I am horribly remiss in replying to.

Now I can be remiss in front of the whole world.

For help in finding topics I've joined some burbs:

Random Acts of Journalling
for which I've yet to submit an entry;

The Friday Five
for which I've yet to submit an entry;

and A Word to the Wise
(mentioned in my last entry)
which doesn't (as yet?) have collab topics but gives me the opportunity to explain why I chose the word "fractal" to describe my journal.

Fractal must be a difficult word to define, because there are as many definitions as there are attempts to define it online. This one sums it up well (and not overly technically):

Mandelbrot derived the term "fractal" from the Latin verb frangere, meaning to break or fragment. Basically, a fractal is any pattern that reveals greater complexity as it is enlarged. Thus, fractals graphically portray the notion of "worlds within worlds" which has obsessed Western culture from its tenth-century beginnings.

The closer you examine it, the more complex it becomes. Yup...

From another site:

A fractal is a rough or fragmented geometric shape that can be subdivided in parts, each of which is (at least approximately) a reduced-size copy of the whole. Fractals are generally self-similar and independent of scale.

Each section is a smaller copy of the whole.

And finally:

...an object of fractional dimension, such as a strange attractor for chaotic behavior.


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