April 15, 2002

One week and this is all I had to write about?

April 13:

Yesterday was the first really nice warm sunny day of spring.
The emphasis being on "warm". It was the first no-jacket day of the year.

The housemate spent the day on the golf course; the kids were at school and work; I stayed home and opened up the windows.

That might not seem like a big deal to someone living in a more moderate climate but when your windows have been closed for the past four or five months, it's an event.
Besides, they'll be closed again for the air conditioning soon enough.

(In Montreal, spring can last all of five minutes; there have been days when we had heat in the morning and air conditioning by the evening, and no way does the housemate permit an excess of either; we keep a temperature of 68 F in winter and 76 in summer. I got used to it and it does cut costs.)

The housemate always jams the windows tightly shut in the fall, lest a shred of heat escape, so opening them up is also a feat of endurance. Then there's the lingering fear that something - maybe a spider, or a random dust-ball - will jump out at me when the seal is broken.

(I can't believe I'm sitting here, writing about opening windows!)

The house feels completely different with the windows open. It's more than just the unaccustomed sounds and smells. It's a feeling of freedom, of being connected with the outside.

I'm convinced that the air pressure builds up when the house is shut tight, because there is a feeling of release and relief the first time I open up. It's not unlike the sensation when you've just given birth - a sudden release of pressure which you really didn't know was there since it had built up so gradually.

Nice metaphor, huh..

April 15:

Speaking of procrastination...

Every now and then I get a fresh reply to an old thread on the forum. This one came in about a year late, under the topic "Procrastinate?":

Yes, procrastination often accompanies terminal naval-gazing, but it is nothing to be ashamed of. Quite the contrary, it is an art form, a gift. That is why it is called PRO-crastination, not AMATEUR- crastination.

I like the way this person thinks.

P.S. - I know I have to update my links page. Feel free to remind me especially if yours is outdated, like Colleen's.

Linque Du Jour:   Insane Rants
Here's a site to keep in mind for when you just need to blow off steam.

From what I gather, anyone may post their rants as long as you request access from the owner. I just might take him up on that for my next bout of PMS.

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