April 8, 2002

I'm Back!

Yes, it's been awhile...
It's not unusual for journallers to take breaks, ranging from a week or two to even months. For me, it got to the point that whatever I might have said, I would have been repeating myself, or so it seemed.

For instance, I've just emerged from my annual spring depression, and had I written about it, it would have come out exactly like this.

The depression lasted significantly longer than usual - around two months, rather than two weeks. I plan to discuss it with my doctor during my annual checkup (soon).
Perhaps it's related to the number of stressful events (mostly bad, but some good) that occurred in the past year, particularly the period from May to October:

-My father took ill again and died in May.
-My 25th wedding anniversary was in June. No fuss, since there didn't seem much worth celebrating.
-Rob graduated high school and began junior college.
-Sept. 11
-Less than a week later, I told my husband I considered ourselves separated.
-Less than a week after that, his sister was hospitalized and her family stayed with us, on and off, for weeks.
-October 2, my 50th birthday. (Minimally celebrated for a variety of reasons.)
-Less than a week after that, sister in law died.
-And finally my weekend retreat at the beginning of November. That definitely falls into the "good" category.

Thank heavens, it's been quiet since then. (Insert appropriate superstition to ward off the evil eye.)

Now I'm confronted with the ghosts of a year ago, when my father began to take ill again. I don't consciously think of it too much but it hovers over me with the distinctive sounds and smells of spring.

I reread my journal entries from back then, and was thankful for them:
Enough of a reason to begin writing again.

This time it really is for me.

Meanwhile.. it looks like I created a monster when I encouraged Stephanie to start her own journal

! Not only is she going strong well past six months, but now, without any prior warning, she created a second journal site, this one to be used for book reviews.

The first entry is a review of The Bonesetter's Daughter by Amy Tan

not to be confused with

The Bondwoman's Narrative by Hannah Crafts, the first-hand account of a woman's escape from slavery which was relatively recently discovered and edited by Henry Louis Gates Jr., a Harvard professor.

Well, I might confuse them.

Mother-daughter relationships on the one hand; slavery on the other.
Nah... too dramatic even for me.

Speaking of mothers...

Linque Du Jour:   Xcel Energy Bird Cam 2002
This is the fourth year that I'm watching the nesting falcons, the sixth that they're online, and the THIRTEENTH at the energy company's nestbox for the mother-of-all-falcons, Mae.

You get to see the eggs, the newly hatched pieces of fluff, and later the young birds poised for takeoff.
Almost as fascinating to me as the space shuttle (which happened to take off today, for once at a reasonable hour!)

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