February 7, 2002


It seems I've been on hiatus again.

Hiatus in retrospect. That is SO me. I'm too disorganized to plan one in advance.

Nothing has kept me from writing but nothing has really moved me to write either.

There has been one memorable event: a couple of weekends ago Rob's band played their first live gig (in their present form, excluding one in music school about three years ago).

They are rumored to sound like "Sum 41"; if that doesn't mean anything to you, you're lucky.
They consider themselves "punk". I think. Unless the term has evolved or they have but nobody can really tell.

This was part of a thirteen hour "battle of the bands" event at a downtown club.
They didn't win but they did get exposure.
In more ways than one - the drummer and the singer stripped off their shirts. Rob, on the other hand, toiled under the hot lights wearing his own shirt underneath the singer's hooded sweatshirt.
And a visor-cap.
Yes I'm sure it was Rob, I could see some of his hair.

This club looked to us (Co-Parent, aka Housemate, and me) like a dingy firetrap; according to Rob it's the cream of the crop.

We arrived in time to catch two other bands and then Rob's band's performance at 9 PM. Luckily we found seats in a balcony bar area and were able to put up with the smoky air and booming sound system in tolerable comfort.

Kids in the floor area (orchestra??) were body surfing; random people were wandering around on the stage while the bands were playing, occasionally throwing themselves into the crowd; the parents who came to watch huddled nervously out of harm's way.

The band writes their own songs, thus it was strange to see the audience singing along with them! One explanation for that is the great marketing job they've done, distributing their three-song demo all over the city, not to mention online; the singer also knows how to create a buzz. He has contacts everywhere, since he's been expelled from more high schools than I probably know about.

I can live without the lyrics - the 21st century version of middle school angst - but Rob does play a mean bass and those kids did compose some creative bass lines.

And the girls... a girl jumped up from the audience to kiss the singer while he was performing. There was a blonde hanging on Rob's arm after the show. Strange girls are phoning and IM'ing him. Groupies are alive and well in the 21st century.

What me worry? Not yet - he works hard and does well in school and has a very pragmatic nature. (As he would say, SOMEONE in the house has to!) I always did want to be a stage mother, anyway!

Other milestones that passed by when I was trying not to look:

Groundhog Day. It was bright and sunny here.
02/02/02. Nothing happened.
Feb. 3. My father would be 86 and the same date is the 20th anniversary of my mother's death. I tried to sleep through it and almost succeeded.

Coming Up:

Feb. 14, another date that needs no explanation.
Feb. 21: the six month anniversary of Stephanie's journal, Yer Blues. Time sure does fly when you're old!

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